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Searching for a high-quality education that doesn’t require you to uproot your family and leave the ministry you are doing in your community? United has flexible options designed for YOU! Scholarships are available for qualifying students.


Benefits of United Online

✓ Flexible Schedule — Learn and complete assignments at the time and place that are best for you.

✓ Interactive Community —Contribute, grow and engage with professors and classmates through video conferencing and online discussions that allow everyone to participate.

✓ Virtual Courses — Enjoy the option of a more traditional class structure with live lectures and discussions. Join a classroom remotely by attending via webcam. Virtual courses meet simultaneously on campus and online for those who can commit to a specific class time.

✓ Gathering Weeks — During Gathering Weeks on campus in Dayton, OH, you will experience a rich community life filled with worship, covenantal experiences and shared meals and activities. Gathering Weeks combine time on campus with online study.


Preview one of the online seminary courses available in United Online:

500-level Evangelism: Issues in Evangelism


Online Degree Programs

Master of Divinity | 72 credit hours

Can be completed online in 2-4 years with as few as 2 Gathering Weeks on campus*


Master of Arts in Christian Ministries | 45 credit hours

Can be completed primarily online in 2-3 years with as little as 1 Gathering Week on campus*


Master of Ministry | 36 credit hours

Can be completed primarily online in 2 years with as little as 1 Gathering Week on campus*


Master of Theological Studies | 48 credit hours

Can be completed fully online in 2-3 years


Master of Arts | 36 credit hours

Can be completed fully online in 2 years


*Residency requirements may vary by denomination. Each student must check with her or his own denominational leadership regarding residency requirements for ordination.

Non-Degree Programs

Hispanic Christian Academy

The Hispanic Christian Academy, part of United Theological Seminary’s Center for Hispanic/Latino Ministries, is designed to impact the local church by equipping and training Hispanic leaders to serve as lay pastors and leaders. It is a three-year Course of Ministry program taught online in Spanish and English.


Online Teaching and Learning Certificate

The Online Teaching and Learning Certificate program is designed for theological instructors or administrators to gain knowledge of and to begin teaching in a virtual environment.


Course of Study

Course of Study (COS) is prescribed by The United Methodist Church for the education of persons serving as Local Pastors. It follows a hybrid format, meaning that one-half of each course is delivered online and you spend only one weekend on campus. You control the pace of your learning as you complete courses.


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