Transfer of Credits and
Advanced Standing

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United automatically evaluates official transcripts to determine whether you are eligible for shared credit, transfer credit, and/or advanced standing with credit. Evaluation of transcripts usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

Shared Credit

Shared credit refers to credits that have been applied to a previous graduate or post-graduate degree. Previous degrees in both religious and non-religious programs may be eligible for shared credit into United’s masters’ degrees. Previous degrees must have been awarded within the last 10 years to be eligible as shared credit. For comprehensive information regarding United’s processes and policies on transfer of credits and advanced standing please reference the academic catalog.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit refers to graduate credits not yet applied to a degree. United may accept up to the last 1/3 of its masters’ and certificate programs as transfer credit. Credits must be taken in a field appropriate to the degree, have a “B” grade or higher, and must have been earned within the last 10 years.

Advanced Standing with Credit

Advanced standing with credit refers to credits applied to a bachelor’s degree.  United may grant up to 18 credit hours toward the 72 credit hour Master of Divinity and up to 9 credit hours toward the 45 credit hour Master of Arts in Christian Ministries as advanced standing with credit. The following undergraduate degree programs are eligible for advanced standing with credit:

  • Lindsey Wilson College, Christian Ministries Major
  • University of Indianapolis, Religion Major
  • Dakota Wesleyan, Christian Leadership Major
  • Seminario Juan Wesley, Licenciatura Degree
  • Vision International College Australia, Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Students must have achieved the equivalent of a “B” grade or higher in any undergraduate courses to be counted toward advanced standing with credit.

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