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Every year United’s Alumni/ae Association recognizes outstanding alumni/ae who have made significant contributions to the Kingdom of God through effective ministry in the world. See below for a description of each award and a celebration of previous award recipients.

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Effective Ministry Award

Beginning in 1976, United’s Alumni/ae Association began awarding the Effective Ministry Award to one of its alumni/ae.  This award is given to a person who has developed outstanding new or unique ministries, who is engaged in a particular local expression of ministry and witness, or who serves in challenging areas of ministry defined by characteristics such as geographic region or cross-cultural appointments.

2023Rev. Justin Cason'19
2020Keith Troy'92
2019Brad Kalajainen'99
2018Gary L. Olin’67
2018James C. Wilson II'90 and '94
2017Wade Giffin'91
2016Ernie Bringas'66
2016Eugene Skipworth'66
2015Michael Bowie'07
2013Bernie Lieving'63
2012Billie Ann Maynard'77
2012James H. Maynard'77
2011David F. Martin'72
2010Cathy Johns'84
2009Ronald A. Mowry'72
2007Farrell Bruce Williams'94
2007Kenneth W. Cummings'93
2005Martha Matteson'87
2005Patricia Green'93
2003Dorsey E. Levell'60
2001Dot Erickson'67
2001Judith A. Stone Olin’67 and ’88
1986Joyce E. Fry'71
1985James W. Grubb'68
1984Harold R. Biederman'63
1983Jaime Potter-Miller'75
1982Charles J. Chipman'57
1982Paul A. Lauchle'76
1981Thomas L. Salsgiver'75
1980James E. Flinchbaugh'47
1979Keith A. Shepherd'50
1978Alan S. Brown'64
1978Robert S. Zimmerman'58
1977Glenn M. Dietrich'56
1977Richard Kohler'55
1976Paul W. Frees'38

Distinguished Alumnus/a Award

In the mid-1980s, another award was established, the Distinguished Alumnus/a Award. It honors those who have obtained denominational, ecumenical or professional distinction.

2023Rev. Dr. Vanessa Ward'91
2020Cynthia Davis’05
2020Elvernice “Sonny” Davis'05
2019James Bushfield’79 and ’92
2017Joseph Chandler'13
2016David Schar'66
2015Vashti McKenzie'93
2014Ronald Patterson'67
2013Martha Mullen'02
2012Gregory G. M. Ingram'91
2012Jessica Kendall Ingram'94
2011G. Edwin Zeiders'73
2010John K. Bergland'55
2009Daniel Shearer'41
2007Suzan Johnson Cook'90
2003Floyd H. Flake'95
2001Neil L. Irons'63
1999George W. Bashore'58
1998Vernon K. Robbins'63
1996Shirley K. Cadle'72
1995David H. Andrews'54
1994Joseph H. Yeakel’52
1992Newell J. Wert'50
1991Captolia D. Newbern’80 and ’82
1991Louis and Dorothee Ryterband, Distinguished Honorary Alumnus Award
1990Frederick D. Hill'58
1989John A. Smith'36
1989Virginia Smith (wife), Distinguished Honorary Alumna Award
1987Roy E. Bosserman'45
1984Harry L. Eckels'44

Outstanding D.Min. Alumnus/a Award

In 2012, another award was established, the Outstanding D.Min. Alumnus/a. It honors those who have developed an outstanding program or ministry outreach as a result of effective work in United’s Doctor of Ministry program.

2023Rev. Dr. Sheila Bouie-Sledge'19
2020Steve Cordle'99
2019Sandra Coley
2018Gregory Draper’16
2017Stacey Cole Wilson'12
2015Steve Gill'08
2014Mike Slaughter'90
2013Stephen Swisher’94 and ’00
2013Teresa McIlwain’03
2012Allyson D. Nelson Abrams'00 and '05

Lifetime Achievement Awards

To commemorate United’s 150th Anniversary, the seminary honored six alumni/ae with a Lifetime Achievement Award. These outstanding leaders have far-reaching ministries that have and are making an impact on the Church and the world.

2021Rev. Dr. Randy Clark'13
2021Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale'91
2021Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook'90
2021Rev. Dr. Rudy Rasmus'19
2021Rev. Dr. Michael Slaughter'90
2021Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas'91

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