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Donor Spotlight: Ruth Daugherty

Every year, Ruth Daugherty (United trustee 2011-2017) sends a special letter. This letter is addressed to the current recipient of the Robert M. Daugherty Scholarship, designated for a student pursuing pastoral ministry. She tells each new recipient about her husband of nearly 50 years for whom the scholarship was named. Bob graduated from United in 1955. Responding…...
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A photo of Rick and Vicki James

Donor Spotlight: Rick and Vicki James

“God knew we would use our means not selfishly but to give back to our church, our community, to other people. So I think that’s why we’ve been blessed with what we have. God’s commission for us is to give back.”...
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Photo of the Heinrichs

Donor Spotlight: Jim and Jan Heinrich

Donor Spotlight: Jim and Jan Heinrich Mrs. Jan Heinrich ’00, started out at United Theological Seminary as a student in the late 1990s, taking classes part-time. A few years after her graduation in 2000, she and her husband, Jim, took the opportunity to give back to the seminary. “It was in 2006 that the Heinrich…...
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Photo of Jim Tharp standing in front of United's entrance

Donor Spotlight: Jim Tharp

Donor Spotlight: Jim Tharp When Mr. Jim Tharp joined United Theological Seminary’s Board of Trustees in 2009, he had never even set foot in a seminary. “I’m not a minister, never attended, never even walked into a seminary before,” Mr. Tharp said. “I live in Cincinnati, and I've gone to the United Methodist church down…...
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