Master of Divinity & Master of Business Administration

A partnership between United Theological Seminary and Dakota Wesleyan University

Elevate your leadership for effective church management.

93 credit hours. Two degrees. Complete in 3-5 years.


Ordering the life of a congregation can require pastoral oversight of financial, personnel and strategic decisions. Elevate your leadership skills by adding a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to your Master of Divinity (MDiv).

Dakota Wesleyan University and United Theological Seminary have joined forces to offer a new program in which future church leaders can earn two master’s degrees. Through this program, earn a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from United and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at DWU to develop theological and applied knowledge for effective church management.

Students will begin by completing 63 credits toward completion of United’s MDiv, with coursework encompassing biblical studies, church history and theology, practical theology, contextual ministries, and denominational studies. In the DWU program, students will complete the remaining 30 credits with an emphasis on non-profit church administration. Upon completion of both programs, the students will receive the MDiv from United and the MBA from DWU.

The MBA from DWU is offered 100% online. The MDiv from United includes two 3-day formation retreats, with the remaining courses available online or in person. Students will require 3-5 years to complete both degrees.

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“DWU has demonstrated its ability to equip those in the non-profit sector, especially pastors, to think and act effectively in the business situations they encounter in their ministries. At United, we have the expertise to equip pastors to minister faithfully and fruitfully through spiritual formation, and grounding in the theological and pastoral disciplines. It just made sense for the two institutions to partner, to the benefit of future pastors.”


-Scott Kisker, Associate Dean for Master’s Programs

To earn both degrees, students must apply to and enroll at each school separately, meeting the admission requirements for each program at the time of application. Students will begin the MDiv at United, then enter the MBA at DWU to complete the remaining credits required for the MDiv and MBA.

Degree Plan



Courses completed at United Theological Seminary (63 cr. hrs)


Biblical Studies (12 cr. hrs.)

  • NT500 Introduction to the New Testament (3)
  • OT500 Introduction to the Old Testament (3)
  • OT6## 600-Level OT Course (3)
  • BI/NT6## 600-Level BI or NT Course (3)

Church History and Theology (15 cr. hrs.)

  • CH504 History of Christianity 1 (3)
  • CH505 History of Christianity 2 (3)
  • TH502 Introduction to Theology (3)
  • TH602 Christian Ethics (3)
  • TH702 Systematic Theology (3)

Practical Theology (15 cr. hrs.)

  • ER501 Foundations for Evangelism (3)
  • ER503 Church Renewal for Mission (3)
  • PW5## Any Introductory Worship Course (3)
  • PW5## Any Introductory Preaching Course (3)
  • PC507 Introduction to Pastoral Care (3)

Contextual Ministries (15 cr. hrs.)

  • CM501 Field Education Unit 1 (0)
  • CM601 Field Education Unit 2 (0)
  • CM510 Contextual Ministry 1 (3)
  • CM601 Contextual Ministry 2 (3)
  • CM610 Contextual Ministry 3 (3)
  • CM611 Contextual Ministry 4 (3)
  • CM620 Methods of Interreligious and Intercultural Encounter (3)
  • CM621 Immersion Trip (0)


Students may use elective courses to fulfill denominational requirements. United Methodists are required to have (6) credits in UM History, Doctrine, and Polity.

Note: 21 credits of electives are typically required for United’s MDiv. The remaining electives will be fulfilled through DWU’s MBA program.


  • SS500 Online Master Student Orientation (0)
  • SS601 MDiv Mid-Program Review (0)
  • SS701 MDiv Final Review (0)


Courses completed at Dakota Wesleyan University (30 cr. hrs)

View MBA course offerings at

Degree Requirements

To earn both degrees, students must fulfill the degree requirements for both the MDiv and MBA. Requirements for United’s MDiv are described below. Please visit for details about MBA requirements.


  1. Complete the entire degree plan requirements listed for the MDiv.
  2. Complete all course credits applied toward the MDiv degree within ten years.
  3. Participate in United’s Contextual Ministry Program, which includes:
    • Travel to two Contextual Ministry retreats in early September.
    • Completion of four Contextual Ministry courses over two years.
    • Participation in a professionally facilitated ministry group.
    • Ministry in a church or community site in your area.
  4. Participation in a Contextual Theology Immersion Trip.

To fulfill residency requirements for The United Methodist Church, United Methodist students must complete 1/3 of the degree (26 credits) on campus. Dayton, Intensive, and hybrid courses count toward this requirement. For ordination requirements, please check with your own judicatory.

Admission Requirements

To earn both degrees, students must apply to and meet the admission requirements of each school. Requirements for master’s admission at United are described below. Please visit for details about MBA admission criteria.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

Learn more about the application process.


My MBA pursuit is equipping me with the needed skills for managing finances, human resources, strategic planning, and much more. Churches in the future and arguably in the present need to look beyond the offering plate to establishing 501c3 and other endeavors they can monetize to further mission. An MBA can help with these basic needs.

Rosario Picardo, Director of United’s Pohly Leadership Center is completing the MBA program at Dakota Wesleyan University

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