AME Zion House of Study

The AME Zion Church House of Study is a track designed to instruct, prepare, and empower clergy and lay leaders with 21st Century ministry resources taught from an African American Methodist (Wesleyan) historic Christian faith point of view. If you are searching for an experiential 21st Century educational model to prepare you for the “Next Normal”, this is it!

Students who matriculate in The AME Zion House of Study will be able to:

  • Follow their call by discerning the voice of God and developing a clear sense of spiritual formation and purpose.
  • Understand the History and Polity of The AME Zion Church in correlation to Wesleyan History and Polity.
  • Understand the key principles and practices of church revitalization and growth and church development.
  • Clearly articulate and execute effective church administrative practices.

AME Zion House of Study Courses:

  1. History of the AME Zion Church
  2. AME Zion Church Leadership, Administration, Polity and Practice
  3. AME Zion Church Revitalization, Growth and Sustainability

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