Student Complaint Process

United Theological Seminary provides a way for students to register complaints through the Office of Student Success. A separate process is provided to report discrimination and/or harassment; please follow the process outlined in our Non-Discrimination Policy. Students may also submit a complaint directly to the Ohio Department of Education by clicking here.

To Register a Complaint

  • To register a complaint, complete the Student Complaint Form below. Click on the submit button at the bottom of the form to send to Student Services.
  • You can also download and complete the Student Complaint Form. Scan the completed form and email to [email protected]. You can also mail the completed form to: United Theological Seminary, Student Services, 4501 Denlinger Road, Dayton, OH 45426.

Resolution Process

  • The Director of Student Services will acknowledge receipt of the complaint.
  • The Director of Student Services will review the complaint and notify the employee or office responsible to address it.
  • The employee or office will respond directly to the student and notify the Director of Student Services about action taken to address the complaint.
  • The student may contact the Director of Student Services if the action has not resolved the complaint for guidance to appeal for additional action.

Register a Complaint

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