Flexible Options

What does your life look like? Do you have a job? Family obligations?

What’s your learning style? Do you learn best in a live lecture and discussion format or better when you have time to read and digest and write your response?

When God places a call on your life and you begin to discern that seminary might be the next step, that doesn’t always mean everything else in life stops. That’s why United created flexible learning options to meet the needs and learning styles of our students. You can choose the one that fits best for you or mix and match to get the right combination for this season of life.

Choose the program style that’s right for you.

blue infographic of five different program modalities: on campus, online, hybrid online and on campus, live classroom, intensive weeks

Online Courses

  • Complete assignments each week before the due date at the time and place that are best for you
  • Build community through online discussions that allow everyone to participate
  • Time and space to think through questions and refine your response in writing, which often encourages a deeper engagement with texts that enhances learning
  • Master of Theological Studies can be completed fully online. Master of Arts in Christian Ministries can be completed online with as few as 2 weeks on campus, and Master of Divinity can be completed online with as few as 4 weeks on campus. Note for ordination, your denomination may have higher residency requirements, which can typically be fulfilled through additional week-long intensive courses on campus.

Live Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE) courses:

  • Enjoy the option of a more traditional class structure with live lectures and discussions by attending on-campus courses remotely via webcam
  • For those who can commit to a specific class time and live outside of the Dayton, OH area
  • Added accountability for those who prefer more structure than a traditional online course
  • Immediate answers to your questions during class as you engage with your professor and peers

Week-long on-campus intensives:

  • Experience the fellowship, meals, worship and learning environment of being face-to-face with your professor and peers, whether you live locally or fly in for the week
  • Masters intensives are offered in August, September, January and June around the traditional semester-long on-campus and online courses
  • Focus on one course at a time
  • For many denominations, intensive courses fulfill the face-to-face residency requirement for students pursuing education primarily online

Traditional on-campus courses:

  • For those within driving distance of United’s campus or who can move to the Dayton, OH area
  • Courses are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in convenient block scheduling to maximize time on campus
  • Enjoy meals on campus, chapel with the United community and regular interaction with United faculty, staff and students

For help discerning which option or combination is best for you, contact our admissions team. They are ready to talk and pray with you!


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