Master and Doctoral Scholar Program

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Did you know that many theological students graduate from seminary with more than $60,000 in debt? Ensuring the economic stability of a new pastor is a significant step toward making a difference in his or her life, ministry and in the church he or she serves.

United’s Master and Doctoral Scholar Program provides full scholarship funding for qualified candidates in a three-year master or doctoral degree program at United.

The Master and Doctoral Scholar Program begins with a commitment to a donor-student partnership, and donors understand and meet the following criteria when establishing a particular award:

  • Donor establishes and supports a “current use” fund.
  • Funds are contributed to the Master or Doctoral Scholar’s fund on an annual basis. The cost of a full Master or Doctoral Scholarship is $50,000 and can be paid over 3 or 5 years and may be shared with other donors.


Students understand and meet the following criteria in order to receive their particular Master or Doctoral Scholar award:

  • The tuition scholarship is awarded to a qualifying student at the discretion of United’s scholarship committee, using agreed-upon criteria.
  • Scholarship will be awarded by the scholarship committee to this same qualifying student during his/her seminary education as long as eligibility is maintained.
  • Donor and student are introduced by United, and United will help support the donor-student relationship during the tenure of the scholarship.
  • Donor and student are encouraged to meet quarterly at a time and place of mutual convenience to discuss the student’s learning experience.


Current and Previous Master and Doctoral Scholar Partnerships

  • The James Scholars (3 Total Scholars)
  • The Rev. Dr. Yung Sim Kim Scholar (Daejeon Mustard Seed Church, South Korea)
    The Rev. Woo Young Kim Scholar (Manna Methodist Church, South Korea)
  • The Elder Soon Geun Lee Scholar
  • The Leipsic UMC Scholar
  • The Hyde Park UMC Scholar
  • The Hunt ½ Master Scholars (2 Half Scholarships)
  • The Burton-Gifford Scholar
  • The Heinrich Scholar
  • The Tharp Scholar
  • The Burton Scholar
  • The Telljohann Scholar
  • The Cathedral of the Rockies Scholar
  • The Charles Booth Preaching Conference Scholar
  • The Fulmer-Gifford Scholar
  • The Nelson-Olin Scholar
  • The Deichmann Scholar

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