Korean House of Study

Houses of Study at United equip students for service in the communities, movements and denominations where they serve. Houses support students in several ways: through academic tracks in United’s Master of Divinity program, through mutual support in formation groups, and through mentorship from facilitators and spiritual directors in United’s Contextual Ministries program. Houses may also include related non-degree certificates and groups in United’s Doctor of Ministry program. Within a House of Study, you will find support from a House of Study director and fellowship among your peers.

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Korean, 3 years, 72 credit hours
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministries (MACM) in Korean, 45 credit hours
  • Master of Ministry (MMin) in Korean, 36 credit hours

Admissions Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • GPA average: 2.5

Special Tuition Aid available for Korean House of Study students.

Most courses are offered fully online. Each degree program includes academic study in the following areas:

  • Bible
  • History and Theology
  • Practical Theology
  • Contextual Ministry*

*Contextual Ministry courses include three-day face-to-face retreat(s), to be held at Manna Church in South Korea. For the MDiv, there are two retreats, held annually during the Summer term of the second and third years. The MACM and MMin include one retreat each held during the Summer term.

United’s MDiv meets the requirements for ordination in most Protestant denominations, though many graduates serve as lay professionals in a variety of fields, including chaplaincy, nonprofit leadership, teaching and social work.

The establishment and maintenance of Houses of Study at United Theological Seminary are dependent on sufficient enrollment.

Estimated Program Costs
MDiv-KO 72 credit hours Fees for one semester Total for one year Fees with the special tuition aid for one semester* Total for one year with the special tuition aid Total for MDiv-Sp program with special tuition aid
Tuition Fees $7,335 ($815 per credit hour) $19,560 $2,367 ($263 per credit hour)

A class is 3 credits.
$6,312 $18,936
Digital Library Fee $45 $135 $45 $135 $405
Technology Fee $205 $615 $205 $615 $1,845
Orientation (first semester only) $175
Graduation Fee (graduating semester only) $100
Contextual Ministries Retreat Fee (years 2 & 3 only) $300
$7,615 $20,400 $2,647 $7,152 $22,031

For more information contact Yoon: [email protected].

Estimated Program Costs
Estimated Program Costs

For more information

Rev. Dr. Byoung Sam Kim
Head of the Korean House of Study

Pastor Byoung Sam Kim is the senior pastor of Manna Church in Korea. He is an outstanding worship leader, an engaging preacher, and a leader who creates a new pastoral paradigm.

His sermons, in which intelligence and emotion are properly combined, have the power to change lives. He is regarded as a representative preacher of this era who unleashes sharp theological views with excellent eloquence.

In 2004, when Pastor Byoung Sam Kim was appointed as the senior pastor, Manna Church, which had around 3,000 members, has been greatly revived as a megachurch with more than 12,000 members present. He once held a ministry aimed at growth and revival, but he is constantly struggling and challenging himself and the church to mature, and to become a mission-oriented church rather than church-oriented, dreaming of a church that becomes the hope of this land.

Pastor Byoung Sam Kim was born in Korea and married In-Sook Choi, a fellow seminary classmate, and they have a son and a daughter. He is a graduate of Methodist Theological Seminary (Th.B and Th.M), Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (M.Div), and United Theological Seminary where he received his D.Miss.

Portrait of REV. DR. SEOK JAE JEONRev. Dr. Seok Jae Jeon
Director of the Korean House of Study
[email protected]
[email protected]

  • DMiss, United Theological Seminary, 2004
  • STM, Boston University, 1998
  • ThM, Yonsei University Graduate School, 1992
  • BA, Seoul Theological University, 1989

Portrait of Yoon Sun ShinYoon Sun Shin
Director for International Students
[email protected]

Meet the Professors

*Adjunct faculty may change.

Portrait of Rev. Dr. Young Bong KimRev. Dr. Young Bong Kim
[email protected]

  • PhD, McMaster University, 1993
  • STM, Perkins School of Theology, 1988
  • MDiv, Methodist Theological Seminary, 1984
  • BA, Chungnam National University, 1981

Portrait of Rev. Dr. ShinAe KimRev. Dr. ShinAe Kim
[email protected]

  • PhD, Bar Ilan University, 2014
  • MA, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007
  • MA, Methodist Theological University, 1996
  • BA, Methodist Theological University, 1994

Portrait of Rev. Dr. Yung Sim KimDr. Yung Sim Kim
[email protected]

  • Jeonju National university Graduate School (Ph.D), 2018
  • Jeonju University Graduate School of Mission Theology (Th.M), 2011
  • International Christian University (B.A. in Theology), 2005

Portrait of Rev. Dr. Changhoon ParkRev. Dr. Changhoon Park
[email protected]

  • PhD, Drew University Graduate School, 2002
  • ThM, Duke Divinity School, 1996
  • MDiv, Seoul Theological University Divinity School
  • BA, Seoul National University, 1988

Portrait of Rev. Dr. Sang Hun HanRev. Dr. Sang Hun Han
[email protected]

  • PhD, Chicago Theological Seminary, 2022
  • MTS, Southern Methodist University, 2003
  • MDiv, Wesley Theological Seminary, 2002
  • MEd, Yonsei University Graduate School of Education, 1998
  • MDiv, Methodist Theological Graduate School, 1997
  • BA, Methodist Theological Seminary, 1994

Portrait of Rev. Dr. Henry H. WhangRev. Dr. Henry H. Whang
[email protected]

  • PhD, Chicago Theological Seminary, 2008
  • MDiv, Perkins School of Theology, 1992
  • MS, University of Central Texas, 1989
  • BA, Seoul Theological University, 1987

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