The Difference Between Biblical Studies and Theology

What is the Difference Between Biblical Studies and Theology? Biblical studies and theology are intimately related but also distinct disciplines. To...
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Cost of a Seminary Education

Attending seminary is a major life decision that requires careful consideration of the costs involved. A seminary is an educational institution that...
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The Future in Seminary Education

Seminary education has a long and rich history of training religious leaders across various faiths and denominations. Seminaries emerged to provide...
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Careers with Seminary Degrees: Embracing God’s Call in the World

As individuals navigate their career paths, discernment is of utmost importance. For those with a seminary degree, this discernment is guided not only...
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Developing Your Relationship with God During Your Studies

Though succeeding in your pursuit of academics at seminary is important, it's equally important that you take the opportunity to grow spiritually...
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what to expect from seminary

What to Expect from Seminary Programs

At seminary, a student studies and researches religion and theological topics to gain a better understanding of faith and religion and learn the art...
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