Master of Ministry

Prepare for ordained ministry or the Doctor of Ministry program.

12 courses. 36 credit hours. Primarily online or on campus.
Complete in 2 years.


United’s Master of Ministry (MMin) degree provides a strong basis in theology, church history and biblical studies. Through a robust spiritual formation process, grow in your faith and prepare for ministry in the world today. The MMin is ideal for those who are:

  • preparing for ordination in a denomination that does not require a Master of Divinity degree
  • preparing for the work of Deacon in The United Methodist Church
  • seeking a theological and spiritual foundation for further study in the Doctor of Ministry program

Learning That Fits Your Lifestyle

Our flexible options are designed to make high-quality education accessible for working pastors and other professionals, making it possible to earn a degree from wherever you live. Courses are available in four formats. Mix and match to suit your schedule and learning style.

  • Traditional on-campus courses meet regularly throughout the semester.
  • Gathering Weeks on campus in Dayton, Ohio take place in January, June, August and September.
  • Online courses can be completed during the semester.
  • Live Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE) courses meet simultaneously on-campus and online.

The MMin degree can be completed primarily online in two years.*

*Residency requirements may vary by denomination. Most United Methodist students must complete 1/3 of their degree (12 credit hours) on campus.

Flexible Curriculum

With nine core courses (27 semester hours) and two elective courses (6 semester hours), gain a strong foundation and add electives that equip you to follow God’s call.

Considering further study?

For those with a previous master’s degree who are interested in pursuing advanced study in United’s Doctor of Ministry program, the 36-credit hour MMin program is offered as an approved exception to the ATS Degree Program Standard E, section E.4.3, regarding admission requirements for a DMin program. The MMin program can help you augment a previous master’s degree with theological coursework to achieve the educational equivalent of a Master of Divinity degree.*

*Master of Divinity equivalency is defined as 72 graduate semester hours that represent broad work in theology, biblical studies and the arts of ministry. A Master of Divinity or its educational equivalent is a pre-requisite for the Doctor of Ministry program.

Degree Plan


MMin Core Requirements (27 cr. hrs.)

Biblical Studies (6 cr. hrs.)

  • OT500 Introduction to the Old Testament (3)
  • NT500 Introduction to the New Testament (3)

History and Theology (6 cr. hrs.)

  • CH504 History of Christianity 1 (3); or CH505 History of Christianity 2 (3)
  • TH502 Introduction to Theology (3)

Practical Theology (9 cr. hrs.)

  • PW501 Preparing to Preach (3) or
    PW502 Introduction to African American Preaching (3) or
    PW504 Work of Worship (3) or
    PW510 United Methodist Worship (3)
  • ER501 Foundations for Evangelism (3)
  • ER503 Church Renewal for Mission (3)

Contextual Ministry (6 cr. hrs.)

  • CM501 Field Education Unit 1 (0)
  • CM510 Contextual Ministry 1 (3)
  • CM511 Contextual Ministry 2 (3)

MMin Electives (9 cr. hrs.)

TH510 Theological Research and Methodology is a recommended elective for those entering the Doctor of Ministry.

MMin Non-Credit Requirements

  • SS500 Online Master Student Orientation (0)
  • SS705 MMin Final Review (0)
Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete all degree program requirements listed for the MMin.
  2. Complete all course credits applied toward the MMin degree within ten years of the awarding of the degree, in keeping with the standards set forth by the Association of Theological Schools.
  3. Participate in United’s Contextual Ministry Program. Contextual Ministry consists of:
    • Attendance at one Contextual Ministry retreat in early September
    • Completion of two Contextual Ministry courses over one year
    • Completion of one unit of field education in a church or community site in your area.

To fulfill residency requirements may vary by denomination. Most United Methodist students must complete 1/3 of their degree (12 credit hours) on campus. The primarily online MMin is offered as an approved exception to ATS Degree Program Standard B, section B.3.1.3.

Admission Requirements

Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

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