Course of Study

Course of Study

As of March 2024, the Course of Study program will no longer be offered at United. Students who are interested in pursuing the Course of Study program can do so at any regional school, including the Course of Study School of Ohio at MTSO. View the 2024-2025 Course of Study schedule at MTSO. If you are a Licensed Local Pastor in The United Methodist Church and are seeking information about the UMC Course of Study program, please reach out to Grace Wallace, [email protected] or 740.362.3120 for additional information.

Members of other denominations who are seeking a non-UMC course of study are encouraged to pursue United’s Certificate in Theology and Ministry or a Certificate in Service and Leadership. Contact United’s CTM/CSL Coordinator at [email protected] for additional information.

Advanced Course of Study

United Methodist local pastors who have completed the Basic Course of Study may meet the educational requirements for conference membership and Elder’s orders by taking an additional 32 semester hours of graduate theological studies to complete the Advanced Course of Study. Coursework must be planned in consultation with an advisor and be in conformity with the Guidelines for Advanced Course of Study (ACOS) published by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. United’s Master of Arts degree program (36 credit hours) is designed for ACOS students to complete ACOS requirements.

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