Certificate in Theology and Ministry

United Theological Seminary’s Certificate in Theology and Ministry (CTM) is for clergy and laity of non-United Methodist denominations seeking a basic theological foundation for ministry as a pastor or church leader. United Methodists are encouraged to enroll in the Course of Study prescribed by The United Methodist Church for the education of persons serving as Local Pastors.

The courses offer a robust foundation that equips students for teaching, preaching, and leading in a church. Taught fully online, the CTM offers courses in Bible, Theology, Church and Mission, and Ministry. The online format allows students to learn in depth from well-trained instructors, with a group of students who interact with each other online, and allows for the flexibility of schedules and distance.

The program consists of 12 online courses offered over a three-year period. The duration of each course is a fourteen-week term. Upon completion of the program, the student receives a Certificate in Theology and Ministry.

As an added benefit, through a partnership with Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU), students can receive college credit for CTM courses. Credits will be granted and can be applied toward DWU’s online degree programs. Students can choose to complete an online associate or bachelor’s degree in either Nonprofit Administration or Organizational Leadership.


Certificate in Theology and Ministry (CTM) Three-Year Program

Advanced Certificate in Theology and Ministry (ACTM) – 5 Year Curriculum

FocusYear OneYear TwoYear ThreeYear FourYear Five
Bible101 - Bible Interpretation201 – OT Survey301 – NT SurveyOT ElectiveNT Elective
History & Theology102 – Theological Heritage I: Early and Medieval Church202 – Theological Heritage II: Reformation and Modern Church*302 – Theological Heritage III: History and Theology of Particular Movement (Tradition Specific)402 – Systematic Theology502 – Philosophy of Religion and Apologetics
Church & Mission*103 – Denominational History and Polity (Tradition Specific)203 – Congregational Discipleship303 – Mission and Evangelism403 – Intergenerational Evangelism & Discipleship503 – Church Renewal and Intercultural Mission
Ministry104 – Leadership, Finance & Administration*204 – Worship Life (Preaching, Teaching, Sacrament/Ordinance, tradition specific)304 – Pastoral Care and Counseling404 – Advanced Preaching504 – Digital and Media Ministry

Each online course is equivalent to 2.4 CEUs per course. Students will receive a Certificate in Theology and Ministry after the 12 courses have been completed.

*These courses may vary according to denomination

Tuition and Fees

Each course will include tuition and a technology fee.

  • Technology Fee: $70 per course
  • Tuition: $400 per course

Total Per Course: $470

How to Apply and Register for Courses

CTM Program Application is completed online through our MyUnited Applicant Portal.

New Students: If you are a new student to United’s CTM program you must first apply via the CTM Application. After applying and being confirmed you will receive a United email account and credentials to our student portal and instructions on how to proceed with registration. CTM Class Registration is completed through the MyUnited Student Portal.

Returning Students: If you are a returning student then you have already applied to the program and your student information is already in our system. If you have not already received your United email account and student portal credentials, contact the CTM Coordinator at [email protected] and request them to be sent to you.

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