Master of Theological Studies

Pursue the academic study of Christianity or prepare for a PhD or ThD.

16 courses. 48 credit hours. Fully online or on campus.
Focused study leading to a thesis. Complete in 2-3 years.


United’s Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree provides a strong academic foundation for further graduate study or growth in religious understanding. Through the study of the Bible, the historic faith and theological traditions, expand your knowledge for the life and witness of the Church today.

Learning That Fits Your Lifestyle

Our flexible options are designed to make high-quality education accessible for working pastors and other professionals, making it possible to earn a degree from wherever you live. Courses are available in four formats. Mix and match to suit your schedule and learning style.

  • Traditional on-campus courses meet regularly throughout the semester.
  • Gathering Weeks on campus in Dayton, Ohio take place in January, June, August and September.
  • Online courses can be completed during the semester.
  • Live Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE) courses meet simultaneously on-campus and online.

The MTS degree is available fully online, fully on campus or through a combination of online and on-campus study. Take classes in traditional, hybrid or intensive formats at our campus in Dayton, OH, or complete coursework from wherever you live via online or LIVE course options.

Flexible Curriculum

With nine core courses (27 semester hours) and seven elective courses (21 semester hours) chosen in consultation with your faculty mentor, gain a strong foundation and focus in an area that equips you to follow God’s call. Your ministry can be enriched by focused study in the areas of Church History and Theology or Biblical Studies.

Degree Plan


MTS Core Requirements (27 cr. hrs.)

Biblical Studies (12 cr. hrs.)

  • OT500 Introduction to the Old Testament (3)
  • NT500 Introduction to the New Testament (3)
  • Any 600 level OT course (3)
  • Any 600 level BI/NT course (3)

History and Theology (12 cr. hrs.)

  • CH504 History of Christianity 1 (3)
  • CH505 History of Christianity 2 (3)
  • TH502 Introduction to Theology (3)
  • TH510 Theological Research and Methodology (3)

MTS-Specific Courses (3 cr. hrs.)

  • CQ650 MTS Thesis (3)

MTS Electives (21 cr. hrs.)

Core Theological Disciplines Electives (6 cr. hrs.)

  • Must be in one of the core disciplines (BI,OT, NT, CH, ET,TH), chosen in consultation with advisor

Focus Area Electives (15 cr. hrs.)

  • Must be related to the student’s MTS Focus Area, chosen in consultation with advisor

MTS Non-Credit Requirements

  • SS500 Online Master Student Orientation (0)
  • SS602 MTS Mid-Program Review (0)
  • SS702 MTS Final Review (0)
Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Complete all degree program requirements listed for the MTS.

Admission Requirements

Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

Learn more about the application process: Masters Admissions page.

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