Why United?

What are your God-given dreams? Explore them at United.

God has placed a call and dream on the hearts of each of our students. Through practical training and investing in the spiritual formation of our students, United is helping those dreams take flight.

Why should you choose United Theological Seminary?

1 |  United’s Values and Beliefs

United is a Christian theological seminary, committed to the historic faith in Jesus Christ passed down to us through Scripture, sacraments, creeds and the fathers and mothers of the Church; scriptural holiness for personal transformation and the transformation of the world; and church renewal through the power of the Holy Spirit.

2 |  Our Faculty

United’s outstanding faculty care about your academic and spiritual growth. Our faculty members are faithful Christians who are active in local churches. Most are ordained, and many have served as pastors.

3 |  Flexible Options

Our flexible options are designed to make high-quality education accessible for working pastors and other professionals — whenever and wherever works for your busy schedule. Courses are available through traditional on-campus formats, week-long intensives, online courses or innovative virtual courses, which meet simultaneously on-campus and online. Learn more about our flexible options.

4 |  Diverse Christian Perspectives

United Theological Seminary is one of thirteen United Methodist seminaries in the United States. While we are a seminary of The United Methodist Church, we welcome students from many backgrounds. Students from more than 30 different denominations and from various races and nationalities come together in an environment that fosters respect, learning and growth. As students encounter diverse perspectives, they refine their own beliefs and help one another pursue their God-given dreams.

5 |  Practical Education

Strong academically, yet richly practical, an education at United prepares you for actual ministry in the Church and beyond.

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