Hispanic House of Study


The Hispanic House of Study at United equips students to serve in their communities, movements, and denominations through master’s and non-degree tracks, training groups, and mentoring by facilitators and spiritual directors in the Contextual Ministry program.

Most courses are offered fully online. Each degree program includes academic study in the following areas:

  • Bible
  • History and Theology
  • Practical Theology
  • Contextual Ministry*

*Contextual Ministry courses include a three-day face-to-face retreat during the Summer term of the first and second years.

United’s MDiv meets the requirements for ordination in most major Protestant denominations, though many graduates serve as lay professionals in a variety of fields, including chaplaincy, nonprofit leadership, teaching and social work.

Admissions Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • GPA

Non-Degree Certificates

Non-degree certificates are available to domestic and international students. The fully online format fits your busy schedule and allows you to complete your coursework from wherever you live.

The establishment and maintenance of Houses of Study at United Theological Seminary are dependent on sufficient enrollment.


Rev. Dr. Jorge Ochoa
Director of the Hispanic House of Study
806.762.0201 (Hispanic/Latino Movement of the NWTX Conference)
[email protected]

Rev. Dr. Jorge Ochoa is currently the Director of the Hispanic/Latino Movement and Church Development of the Northwest Texas Conference and Chair of the Evangelism Team. He holds a Doctorate in International Relations and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity by United Theological Seminary for his evangelistic work and his dedication to raising the educational level of the Hispanic/Latino community. He has also received the Harry Denman Evangelism Award from The Foundation for Evangelism. His vision and radical evangelistic strategy have achieved a growth of 400% in the Hispanic/Latino community of the NWTX Conference. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership through innovative means to reach the Hispanic/Latino community, outstanding work in church growth, and commitment to forming bridges with beyond the Hispanic community.

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Rev. Dr. Ochoa has been an essential partner with United Theological Seminary over the years, offering leadership and support with the Hispanic Christian Academy, the School of Evangelistic Leaders, and Rooted: Church-planting Coaches and Mentors certificate program. Other titles and positions he holds include: Facilitator of Incubators aimed at Hispanic/Latino pastors and leaders as well as multicultural groups, Coach and Mentor of pastors of various conferences, Promotor of the Language School offered to pastors of the NWTX and NM Conferences, and Lecturer for Leaders, Cell Groups, and Discipleship. Dr. Ochoa has promoted the use of media as a fundamental instrument for pastors, especially in evangelization, investing in technology and professional resources, taking the message outside the limits of his conference to be instruments of blessing.

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Photo of Eliseo MejiaRev. Dr. Eliseo Mejia
Academic Oversight Officer
[email protected]

Rev. Dr. Eliseo A. Mejia is an author, missiologist and pastor, with more than three decades of experience in church-planting as a leader, coach and mentor in diverse cultures, contexts, and countries. Dr. Mejia’s teaching experience includes adjunct professorship at United Theological Seminary, Asbury Seminary, and Lindsay Wilson College.

In recognition of his exceptional leadership qualities, Dr. Mejia was selected to join Fresh Expressions US as the National Director of Expresiones Divinas. Currently serving in this role, he leads a team in promoting the expression of the gospel message throughout the United States and now internationally.

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Previously, Dr. Mejia served for more than 20 years as Associate Director of New Church and Congregational Development in the Kentucky Conference of The United Methodist Church, and as President of the National Association of Hispanic United Methodist Church Leaders.

As a coach and church-planting leader, Dr. Mejia offers guidance to architects in diverse national settings and countries through all phases of the innovative progression of planting new expressions of Church. This context enables him to leverage his God-given gifts, strengths, skills, and the current realities of entrepreneurs and organizations to generate a new, viable, and sustainable future. His approach emphasizes creating healthy environments where pioneers and associations can thrive.

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Rev. Ileana Flores
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Rev. Ileana Flores resides in Los Angeles California. She was born and Costa Rica and has been been married for more than 32 years, she has two grown children Jessica and Gerardo Jr.

Her passion is teaching and being able to see pastors fulfill their calling to their full potential. Rev. Flores believes firmly in the theological preparation in the church; a church, a leadership, a minister, a pastor without preparation is at drift.

Rev. Flores is an Ordained Minister of the Wesleyan Church, working hand by hand with pastors, leaders, ministerial students, for more than 15 years in Distrito Hispano de la Iglesia Wesleyana. She is a Fellowship of Leaders Acquiring Ministerial Education professor (FLAMA by its acronym in Spanish) for the Wesleyan Church.

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In the Hispanic District, she not only worked as an Administrator but also had the privilege to work preparing future ordained ministers, future church planters, assistant pastors, and help in clergy care.

Rev. Flores has an MDiv from Wesley Seminary and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Preaching and Leadership.

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Meet the Professors

*Adjunct faculty may change.

Photo of Samuel BlancoSamuel Blanco
[email protected]

  • MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary, 2019
  • MA, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, 2014
  • BA, Asbury University, 2009

Dr. Rachel L. Coleman
[email protected]

  • PhD, Regent University, 2018
  • MA, Asbury Theological Seminary, 2001
  • MA, University of Kentucky, 1987
  • BA, Asbury College, 1984

Photo of Juventino EspinozaJuventino Espinoza
[email protected]

  • DMin, St. Paul School of Theology, 2018
  • MDiv, Perkins School of Theology, 1997
  • BA, Wimberly School of Religion, 1992
  • AA, Jacksonville College, 1990

Photo of Guillermo FloresGuillermo Flores
[email protected]

  • DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2016
  • MDiv, Northern Seminary, 2000
  • BA, ESEPA Seminary/Nazarene University, 1996

Photo of Rinaldo HernandezRinaldo Hernandez
[email protected]

  • DMin, Columbia Theological Seminary, 2000
  • ThM, Evangelical Theological Seminary, 1998

Rev. Dr. Eliseo A. Mejía
[email protected]

  • DMin, Asbury Theological Seminary, 2017
  • STM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1986
  • Master in Theology, Central American Theological Seminary, 1980
  • Professor in Theology, Central America Theological Seminary, 1973

Photo of Juan QuantillaJuan Quantilla
[email protected]

  • DMin, Columbia Theological Seminary, 2008
  • MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1985

Jorge Jorge Riano
[email protected]

  • ThM, FLET, 2011
  • BBS, FLET, 2006
  • MD, University of Havana, 1995

Danny Roman-Gloro
[email protected]

  • PhD, Regent University, 2017
  • DMin, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 2010
  • MDiv, Eden Theological Seminary, 1992
  • BM, Berklee College of Music, 1989
Estimated Program Costs
MDiv-Sp 72 credit hours Fees for one semester Total for one year Fees with the special tuition aid for one semester* Total for one year with the special tuition aid Total for MDiv-Sp program with special tuition aid
Tuition Fees $7,335 ($815 per credit hour) $19,560 $2,367 ($263 per credit hour)

A class is 3 credits
$6,312 $18,936
Digital Library Fee $45 $135 $45 $135 $405
Technology Fee $205 $615 $205 $615 $1,845
Graduation Fee (graduating semester only) $100
Contextual Ministries Retreat Fee (years 2 & 3 only) $300
$7,585 $20,310 $2,617 $7,062 $21,586

*There is a special tuition rate for non-US residents. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Requisitos de área y título
Costos estimados del programa

Costos estimados del programa de 72 horas de crédito:

Pago de estudios $7,110 (790 por hora crédito) $18,960 $2,250 (250 por hora crédito) $6,000 $18,000
Master of Divinity $70,505 $41,432
Master of Theological Studies $39,920 $15,277
Master of Arts in Christian Ministries $37,205 $26,861
Master of Ministry $29,750 $17,639
Master of Arts $29,750 $15,943

*Precio especial disponible para estudiantes de la Casa de Estudios Hispana

MDiv-Sp 72 horas de créditosCostos por un semestreTotales por un añoCostos con el precio especial por un semestreTotales por un año con el precio especialTotal del programa MDiv-Sp entero con el precio especial
Pago de estudios$7,110 (790 por hora crédito)$18,960$2,250 (250 por hora crédito)$6,000$18,000
Pago de actividad$30$60$30$60$180
Pago de alumnos$15$30$15$30$90
Pago de biblioteca digital$50$100$50$100$300
Pago de tecnologia$250$500$250$500$1,500
Pago de orientación (primer semestre)$175
Pago de graduación (semestre de graduación)$100
Medios de comunicación

Videos de promoción y medios de comunicación para la Casa de Estudios Hispana.

Folleto de la Casa de Estudios Hispana

United Lanza La Casa de Estudios Hispana

United Ofrece Educacion Teologica en Español

Estimated Program Costs
MDiv-Sp 72 credit hours Fees for one semester Total for one year Fees with the special tuition aid for one semester* Total for one year with the special tuition aid Total for MDiv-Sp program with special tuition aid
Tuition Fees $7,110 ($790 per credit hour) $18,960 $2,250 ($250 per credit hour)

A class is 3 credits
$6,000 $18,000
Digital Library Fee $40 $120 $40 $120 $360
Technology Fee $200 $600 $200 $600 $1,800
Graduation Fee (graduating semester only) $100
Contextual Ministries Retreat Fee (years 2 & 3 only) $300
$7,350 $19,680 $2,490 $6,720 $20,560

*There is a special tuition rate for non-US residents. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

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