When God calls you to ministry, finances shouldn’t stand in the way. United Theological Seminary is committed to helping students pursue their calling through a high-quality, affordable education.

That’s why United is pleased to offer a Tuition Guarantee for new students beginning their program in the 2022-23 academic year.

2022–2023 Tuition Guarantee Rates

  • Doctor of Ministry: $5,000/semester

  • Master’s: $790/credit hour

Learn more about United’s Tuition and Fees

What does this mean for you?


Earn your degree with no changes to your tuition rate from start to finish. This ensures that any tuition increase put in place by the seminary after your entering term will not apply to you.

What are the requirements?

  • All normal student policies apply.
  • The tuition guarantee is valid for up to 10 years of continuous enrollment. View the Administrative leave/withdrawal policy in the Academic Catalog.

Questions? Contact student aid: [email protected]

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