Supervision and Leadership Formation

Contact: Debbie Roth

Pohly Center for Supervision and Leadership Formation

Covenantal supervision engages accountability and oversight with life affirming conversations that build up leaders and communities for fruitful discipleship. This 21st century process establishes authentic relationships, promotes mutuality and inclusiveness, and reveals meaning behind work and ministry.

Seminars, workshops and courses extend resources to pastors and laity as well as non-profits, judicatory leaders and seminaries who desire excellence in areas of supervision, leadership and faith-based conflict management. Small groups and clergy clusters discover covenantal supervision processes that help them uncover and encourage faithful evolving ministry. Attention to the formation of leaders and their spiritual refreshment is a key component embodied in all events. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of various settings and denominations.

A popular certification program in supervision emphasizes Pohly’s framework for supervisory conversations as central to a leader’s growth in self-awareness, ministering competence and theological depth.

Requirements for Certification in Supervision
To become eligible for certification by the Pohly Center, an individual must complete the following process:

  • Two Pohly Center courses: “Building Leaders: A Conversational Model” (formerly “Principles and Practice of Supervision”) and “Building Leaders: Theological Reflection Models” (formerly “Theological Reflection in Supervisory Practice”).
  • Minimum 50 hours of peer supervision and 25 hours of individual supervision with Pohly staff.
  • Exhibit attitudes, qualities, and skills of effective supervision based on 48 criteria of excellence.
  • Write integrative paper and complete satisfactory interview with Teaching Supervisors.