Pohly Center for Supervision and Leadership Formation

Contact: Rosario Picardo

Covenantal Supervision

The Pohly Center provides two signature courses on supervision in a 30-hour format taught in a small group setting both online and face-to-face. Three-hour CEU Certificates are available for each course.

Building Leaders: A Conversational Model (formerly Principles and Practice of Supervision): This course utilizes a group setting and real cases to help you learn how to become a more effective supervisor, how to frame effective supervisory conversations (through questioning, listening, giving feedback) and how to bring theological and spiritual insights to light in your workplace.

Building Leaders: Theological Reflection Models (formerly Thinking Theologically about Supervisory Practices): This course focuses on expanding your ability to think theologically. You will refine the use of theological reflection in supervisory conversations introduced in Principles and Practice of Supervision (a prerequisite for this course). Through engaging theological reflection models you will become familiar with a variety of methods and models of theological reflection.

Certificate in Supervision

The Pohly Center offers an Associate in Supervision Certificate for persons who want to advance their supervisory credentials and further enhance their self-supervision skills.

Supervision and Leadership