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What is a House of Study? 

Houses of study at United Theological Seminary are programs dedicated to learning how to serve a particular community, movement, or denomination. Each house of study is led by a director that is experienced in the area of specialization for that house of study. 


What is the Importance of Houses of Study

Joining a house of study can better prepare you for your ministry following graduation. You will learn everything you need to know about your particular community or denomination, including current movements and trends. Valuable knowledge and skills will be attained during this specialized time of study that will help you better interact with your congregation or constituents in your ministry setting. 


Benefits of Joining a House of Study

 By joining a house of study during seminary, you’ll experience many benefits to your education as it guarantees you multiple avenues of support. Mentorships will be made available to you by the facilitators and directors in the program, as well as invaluable support from your peers in the house. You may also gain access to additional opportunities like non-degree certificates and study groups. In some cases, you may find opportunities to receive financial support through scholarships.


Characteristics of a House of Study 

A house of study can be characterized by many things. It can be a particular goal — like wanting to cultivate change and transform Christian communities. It can be a particular denomination — like Baptist or Methodist. It can be a particular community that you belong to or hope to serve — like a Hispanic community. 


Focus on Learning

Though some houses of study have mentorships and group activities, the primary focus is on learning. You’ll dive deeper into the Bible and Theology to better understand the ministry context in which you plan to serve. You’ll also gain valuable skills and practical insights, giving you the tools you need to be the best leader of your congregation. Oftentimes, you’ll even get a chance to learn from an expert in the area by taking specialized elective courses taught by the director of the house of study. 


Sense of Community

Being a part of a house of study not only provides you with an education beyond the fold but also gives you access to peers and mentors that will support and guide you through your educational experience. Through small group reflections and hands-on learning experiences, you’ll meet and interact with people who will enrich you as both a person and a spiritual leader. These relationships often last long after seminary school is over, giving you a sense of community even as you go on to build a community of your own. 


Religious and Cultural Significance

Each house of study prepares you to interact within a particular cultural or denominational setting. They are meant to provide you with all the religious and cultural context you may need to understand faith through the eyes of your congregation. It will also give you a vital perspective that will help you better connect with the people you’re leading. 


Types of Houses of Study

At United, there are multiple houses of study. Continue reading to learn more about these communities.


Fresh Expressions

The House of Study by Fresh Expressions, in collaboration with Fresh Expressions US, caters to forward-thinking leaders who are committed to nurturing transformative Christian communities.

A fresh expression is a church form that aligns with our evolving culture, having a missional, contextual, formational, and ecclesial character. It’s primarily designed for those not yet affiliated with any church. Fresh expressions are blossoming worldwide, with thousands popping up across the globe. Traditional congregations that participate in their development are witnessing forms of revitalization, a phenomenon referred to as a “blended ecology of church.”


Global Methodist

The House of Study for Global Methodism at United Theological Seminary is specifically structured to equip both men and women for leadership roles that are both rooted in biblical teachings and imbued with the Holy Spirit. The aim is to foster active discipleship, proficient pastoral ministry, and global missions in a lively manifestation of the Wesleyan and Methodist traditions.

Through the Global Methodist House of Study at United Theological Seminary, you will discover:

  • Biblical and Theological Foundations for Life and Ministry
  • A Vital Worshipping and Praying Community
  • Practical Insights and Skills for Pastoral Ministry
  • A Community for Spiritual Development
  • Passion for Evangelism and Mission to the Community and World


Global Pentecostal

As the Church enters the 21st Century and beyond, Global Pentecostalism is showing a significant upward trend. It’s crucial for the spiritual development of future leaders to have a comprehensive approach to graduate-level Pentecostal studies encompassing Scripture, Theology, Church History, among other fields. 

Students who register for this graduate program will delve into the richness of Pentecostal heritage and its role within the broader Christian Tradition. They’ll be trained and prepared to guide and support their congregations into the future. Moreover, they’ll be provided with the necessary resources and tools to responsibly interpret the Sacred Text for and on behalf of their communities, enabled by the power of the Spirit.


Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, which is among the most rapidly expanding and influential global fellowships in the church, has established a House of Study. The purpose of this institution is to cultivate and prepare charismatic thinkers for ministry in the 21st century. With the aspiration of evolving into the individuals God wants us to be for future generations, we’re building upon our deep-rooted history and refining our approach to ministry with a spirit of excellence.

The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship isn’t a religious denomination or sect, but rather a Fellowship that welcomes all ministries, churches, individuals, and other entities that recognize and accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. It includes all baptized believers who acknowledge and embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So, if you’re ready to ‘lead forward’ and ‘change forward’ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship House of Study is the right place for you.



The Hispanic House of Study is a Master of Divinity fully in Spanish with two face-to-face contextual ministry retreats that meet in the summer. United’s Master in Divinity in Spanish meets the requirements for ordination in most Protestant denominations, although many graduates will continue on to serve as lay professionals in a variety of fields, including chaplaincy, nonprofit leadership, teaching, and social work.



The Korean House of Study is a Master of Ministry, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, and Master of Divinity fully in Korean with one or two face-to-face contextual ministry retreats that meet in the summer. United’s Master’s degrees in Korean meet the requirements for ordination in most Protestant denominations while studying in the native language, although many graduates will continue on to serve as lay professionals in a variety of fields, including chaplaincy, nonprofit leadership, teaching, and social work.



How to Get Involved with a House of Study 

To join a particular house of study, you’ll first want to apply to seminary for whatever degree program you’re interested in. Once you’ve been accepted, you can pursue whichever house of study interests you as long as it works within the degree program you’re pursuing. Houses of Study tracks at United Theological Seminary are available for students pursuing the Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Christian Ministries degrees. You’ll want to look into the program and review the requirements, then reach out to your advisor about the next steps. 


Finding a House of Study

There is a plethora of information about each house of study available at United Theological Seminary. You can read about each house there, including information on what you’ll learn in that house of study, the director of the house, and additional opportunities the house offers. You’ll want to keep in mind what community and/or denomination you plan on serving in the future, as well as what your goals are for that community when choosing your house. 



Joining a house of study can provide you with many key benefits for your education and future as a leader. The knowledge and skills you gain during your time within a house of study will be invaluable to you. The community you build will last a lifetime, giving you a background of support when you go on to start leading a community of your own. Joining a house of study enriches both your education and your faith, ensuring you’re the best leader you can be by the time you graduate. 

If you’re interested in being this type of success, begin the process by applying to United Theological Seminary now!


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