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Pastoral Care and Ethics in Law Enforcement in the Age of “Black Lives Matter”

In an age when there is division across community and law enforcement lines, how can clergy be the pastoral presence and bridge to mend their congregations and communities? Using scripture as the primary source and standard, participants in this focus group will develop a usable model of ministry for their context. This focus group is geared toward chaplains in the field of law enforcement, pastors and clergy ministering to parishioners working in law enforcement, and clergy who desire to develop a niche pastoral care ministry inclusive of the law enforcement community. This focus group will sharpen participants’ skill set and equip them to support the law enforcement community. The areas addressed include, but are not limited to, pastoral care in police/law enforcement marriages, pastoral care when officers are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty, pastoral care when civilians die in the control of officers.

Graduates of the Pastoral Care and Ethics in Law Enforcement cohort will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the law enforcement community in efforts of building lasting relationships
  • be introduced to creative ministry ideas for community engagement and partnerships
  • gain a deeper understanding of clergy roles as the bridge between community and the law enforcement community
  • gain a deeper understanding of equitable justice and duality in ministry


Rev. Dr. Kimberly Davis is the Chaplain for the Chicago Police Department.

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