Photo of Reggie Abraham

Reggie Abraham

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy


Reggie’s teaching and research interests include pastoral care and counseling, the psychology of religion, congregational ministry, and pastoral encounters with world religions.



B.S., Nyack College

M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary

Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary

Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary



“Mental Illness and the Ministry of the Local Church.” Pastoral Psychology, 63 (2014): 525-535.

“Reflections on Narrative in Pastoral Theology.” Pastoral Psychology, 65 (2016): 727-742.

“Revisiting The Depleted Self.” Journal of Religion and Health, 57 (2018): 561-574.

“Mahatma Gandhi and the Crisis Conversion of a Nation.” Pastoral Psychology 69 (2020): 275-290.



Reggie is an ordained Pentecostal minister with over thirty years of experience in church, para-church, and missionary leadership. He has congregational ministry experience as a pastor, assistant pastor, and youth pastor. He has been trained in counseling psychology and international educational development and completed his clinical pastoral education (CPE) in hospice and level-1 trauma medical centers. He is a founding member of the Ebenezer Gospel Mission which has planted over two hundred pioneer churches in India.

He has also served as the Founder and President of The Mercy Initiative, a Christian ministry that focuses on witnessing to the Gospel by providing relief in four areas of need (education, health, clothing, and shelter) with special attention to ministerial families in Asia. Reggie first entered ministry as a youth minister and prison evangelist. As the Director of Impact Youth and Prison Ministry, he coordinated and led programs geared to youth in the New York metropolitan area and led chapel services and weekly Bible studies for inmates at the Rikers Island Correctional Facility.



Reggie is married to Sybil and they have two children, Sarah and Allie. His hobby is being silly with his kids. He also has an aspirational interest in art, architecture, and baseball.

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