In Master of Divinity

Caleb Fritz ’18

  • Degree Program: Master of Divinity
  • Graduation Year: 2018
Photo of Caleb Fritz

United’s influence

“My educational experience at United has given me more confidence as a pastor and church leader. When I am leading staff or teaching from God’s Word, I feel grounded and balanced. I have a sense of sureness because I have been well-equipped spiritually and theologically for the calling that God has placed upon my life.”

Advice for future students

“United is a spiritually and theologically well-rounded and balanced seminary. I never felt like one particular point of view was being forced upon me, and I enjoyed hearing different views from students with varying denominational backgrounds and theological perspectives. It is a spiritually alive seminary, and I really appreciate United’s focus on not only the mind, but also the spirit of their student body. From the pulpit to the staff meeting, from the Bible study to the hospital bedside, United Theologically Seminary has, without a doubt, made me a better pastor and more well-rounded church leader.”

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