In Doctor of Ministry

Benjamin Martin ’21

  • Degree Program: Doctor of Ministry
  • Graduation Year: 2021
  • Ministry: Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY

United’s impact

“The education I have received at United has changed me in all the right ways.  Not only has it broadened my knowledge base, it has stretched me as a person.  My passion for people has always been a driving force behind sharing the love of God, but United helped me understand in more detail than ever before the context of people’s lives — where they are coming from, their needs, their culture — and how to be more intentional about letting people know how much we need them in the same way that the kingdom of God needs them.  There is so much beauty in the diversity of God’s creation and the church needs that beauty to be a part of the ministry God has called each of us to.”

The United difference

“I love United for many reasons, but the most influential one is the love and care provided by my mentors.  They believe in you, the work you are doing, and take every step with you along the way.”

Advice for prospective students

“Open yourself to the stretch that United will create. Embrace the growth that United will provide. Love the journey United will take with you. United is a fantastic place to grow!”

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