Master of Pastoral Theology (M.P.Th.)


M.P.Th._coverThe Master of Pastoral Theology (M.P.Th.) degree program is designed for students who wish to enter the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program and have completed a previous master’s degree but have not completed a Master of Divinity or its educational equivalent.*

From the first semester, Master of Pastoral Theology students will engage with the Doctor of Ministry program. During a D.Min. Intensive Week each semester, students will participate in one of three degree-specific courses. These courses feature lectures and worship, while allowing students to investigate D.Min. focus groups. All other coursework may be completed either on campus or online.

This program is designed to be completed in three semesters.

The Master of Pastoral Theology degree is designed to:

  • Teach skills of critical and theological reflection upon pastoral ministry
  • Refine your writing and research in preparation for doctoral studies
  • Guide you through reflections upon the biblical witness and your own Christian heritage in ways that relate specifically to the work of pastoral ministry

* The M.P.Th. program is offered as an approved exception to ATS Degree Program Standard E, section E.4.3.

Credits Required

36 semester hours
Non-Credit Requirements:

• Online Master Student Orientation
• On Campus Student Orientation
• Graduation Portfolio
• M.P.Th. Final Advising

Time for Degree Completion

Minimum 1½ years full-time study

Degree Requirements


  • Accredited master’s degree with a total or combined total of at least 36 semester graduate hours
  • At least 1½ years ministry experience completed before the start of the program and after the first graduate degree

Course Schedules
A suggested course schedule is provided with the help of an advisor.

Intensive Weeks

D.Min. intensive weeks will be offered twice a year at our Dayton, Ohio, campus so that students can complete the residency portion of their degree.

Included in the Intensive Week:

  • Communal worship and meals
  • Intensive courses
  • Focus group meetings
  • Plenary sessions focused on the theme of the Intensive

Intensive Week Fees There are some additional costs associated with Intensive Weeks. Please visit TUITION and FEES for more Information.

Housing: Lower prices have been negotiated at some of the hotels in the area. Please explore the Visitor Accommodation section of the website to make your own room arrangements for the week or contact the Academic Administrative Assistant.

Transportation: United may provide transportation to and from the hotels in Englewood near I-70 and SR 48 for a nominal fee. Please contact the Academic Administrative Assistant for details and to advise us if this service is needed.
Some hotels provide free transportation to and from the airport. Please arrange this with the hotel.

Course Catalog and Planning Guide

The Course Catalog and Planning Guide is provided to assist students in mapping out their degree program at United.

Click below to view the most recent Course Catalog and Planning Guide.