Jabula Luminary House of Study

We invite you to join one of United’s emerging Houses of Study. As Houses are developed and sufficient enrollment is reached, we will launch the new House of Study. This is a great opportunity to be a part of something new. Learn more about how United’s developing Houses of Study can equip you for ministry as you learn from an expert in the field.

The Jabula Luminary House of Study, in partnership with Jabula Worldwide, is for luminaries to be trained and released to fulfill the call of evangelism to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by restoring and protecting the rights of all people.

Jabula Worldwide is a company of covenant believers who advance the Kingdom of God in every nation. The organization seeks to transform the lives of people both spiritually and physically with relevant and practical teaching of the living word of God. The vision of Jabula Worldwide is achieved through planting and empowering churches, providing apostolic covering, raising and releasing the natural leadership of the body of Christ, and establishing outreach and humanitarian ministries.

Emerging from the Jabula Luminary House of Study will be experts (luminaries) in their fields of choice. The curriculum combines four distinct disciplines to equip students with the training necessary to become a focal leader, voice of choice and change, and a sought-after intellect in our global society.

Our Four-Level Focus:

  1. Traditional theological training
  2. Practical equipping
  3. Application of our time
  4. Ministry development resources

The goal of the Jabula Luminary House of Study is to train anointed men and women who have “pure hearts” to serve in their God-ordained assignments with excellence, commitment, integrity, and a clear vision. Furthermore, we desire that they be a great blessing to the Kingdom of God, their churches, and communities. Each student will walk away with a broader view of the Kingdom of God and a sound biblical worldview for their profession. Lastly, our prayer is that each student will become a person who influences others in their area of prominence, a luminary.

Academic Programs

Master’s Tracks

Jabula Luminary tracks are available through United’s Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Ministries degrees, so you can pursue your studies through your program of choice.

Click here to view the area and degree requirements for each degree program.

*The establishment and maintenance of Houses of Study at United Theological Seminary are dependent on sufficient enrollment.

Non-Degree Certificates

Certificate in Service and Leadership

The Certificate in Service and Leadership (CSL) equips students for serving in a variety of ministries in a church through 8 courses over a two-year period. The CSL is available to domestic and international students. The fully online format fits your busy schedule and allows you to complete your coursework from wherever you live.

View the requirements

Certificate in Theology and Ministry

The Certificate in Theology and Ministry (CTM) equips students for teaching, preaching, and leading in a church through 18 online courses offered over a three-year period. The CTM is available to domestic and international students. The fully online format fits your busy schedule and allows you to complete your coursework from wherever you live.

View the requirements

Meet the Director

Portrait of Dr. Claudette Morgan-ScottDr. Claudette Morgan-Scott serves on the Executive Board of Jabula Worldwide and is the President of Luminary Institute. She is the founder and CEO of Legacy Center International, Pastoring for over 21 years. Dr. Morgan-Scott is also the CEO of Morgan Scott Management Consultants LLC and Morgan Scott Construction Company. She has been in management for over 25 years, specializing in business, education, and leadership development. Through her wealth of business acumen and global perspective, she brings a unique opportunity to the student body by empowering their vision through the lens of a biblical worldview on a worldwide platform.

Dr. Morgan-Scott is considered a strategic thinker and a visionary. She is an innovator and a leader who can mobilizes others to reach their goals. God has allowed her to blend spiritual gifts with natural talents to fulfill the call to build the Kingdom of God. 

Leveraging her experience as an Adjunct Professor, Global Speaker, and Business Leader, Dr. Morgan-Scott has been instrumental in developing humanitarian programs, promoting social justice, and training leaders globally.

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