In Doctor of Ministry

Sir Walter Mack, Jr. ’97

  • Degree Program: Doctor of Ministry
  • Graduation Year: 1997
  • Ministry: Union Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC
Photo of Sir Walter Mack, Jr.

United’s impact

“United Theological Seminary has made an indelible impact in my life and in my ministry. I have been connected with the Seminary since 1994, where my journey began as a Doctor of Ministry student in the Dr. William Augustus Jones and Dr. Harold A. Carter group. It was during this time at United that my ministry gift was challenged, meaningful relationships were formed, and we were exposed to some of the greatest minds in the Kingdom, while experiencing the rigor of this program.

“United catapulted me to a new level of excellence for ministry. Being in a place where you can be challenged to hear critical thinkers and lecturers on various themes pertaining to the body of Christ, it was the relevancy of United that helped shaped my ministry in the local church where I presently serve. The focus of our doctoral group was “Social Justice in the Name of Jesus”, and today the ministry of Union Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, reflects this very reality with various outreach ministries with a social justice edge and focus.

“Additionally, I presently, lead a group at United Theological Seminary that puts emphasis on shaping leaders for the post-modern culture, and much of that shaping is to help expose and inspire students to the innovative perspectives of post-modernism and social justice. United is valuable because it puts your ministry in context. It is a place of formulation, it is a gathering spot for harnessing gifts, an oasis for relationships, and a sacred place for the scholar.”

Advice for future students

“The choosing of a theological education is essential for any life serious about making impact with ministry, and the choice of place is just as significant; therefore, I would urge anyone serious with ministry to choose United Theological Seminary. United is family, and we invite diversity, while celebrating what makes each person unique and significant.  Consider uniting with us, and let us journey with you!”

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