In Doctor of Ministry

India Barnes ’20

  • Degree Program: Doctor of Ministry
  • Graduation Year: 2020
Photo of India Barnes

“Spirit makes room for what Spirit wills. There were so many obstacles which could have and should have stopped me from being able to follow the call to United when I received it. I was in another city and commuting had become untenable. I chose to relocate to Dayton which was my home city, but did so with very little support in place. However, with every class I took, I met advocates and resources in my professors and my classmates. Because of them, even working part-time most of my education, I was able to honor my desire to be full time and finish with little resistance in the time desired. Between hybrid and online courses as well as intensives, I completed what was required of me.

“Additionally, being a part of student council gave me a voice to help make life on campus more friendly to students like myself who are able to make the space to be present and desire to be involved in community – connected even when online. My cohort for formation was an invaluable resource in all of these endeavors. We started together, we finished together, at least within one semester of each other. Finally, my immersion experience in South Africa was incredible beyond words.

“Nothing compares to having people over your education who spiritually cover you in prayer and practically with guidance. They were my family while I was learning how to allow God to redeem the concept of family for me, having just returned after years away. Follow Spirit and then let Spirit lead.”

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