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Innovation Center Webinars

Four-Course Laity Leadership Institution
Provided by Black Methodists for Church Renewal Advocacy Committee

Four courses: April 29, July 29, September 30, December 9 | 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ET

These courses are for persons who want to deepen their understanding and response to God’s call to ministry as a layperson, build skills, and relationships building, network, and equip leaders to minister in our churches and communities.  Each of these courses is 3 hours in length.

Laity Leadership Institution is an opportunity to provide guidance, direction, and motivation in leading Laity in a new and exciting way. Move Laity outside the walls of the Church and into the community. One way to accomplish this is a transformative mindset and framework, which includes these four 3-hour live online courses—embracing efforts to help people grow spiritually through such workshops. As a Servant Lay Leader, these four courses have been created for personal vision and new ways to help your grow in your faith journey and unique skill sets in order to improve and strengthen your church’s ministries and beyond.

These courses are intended to equip, uplift and support all Laity Black Methodists for Church Renewal across all denominations, and the Church universal!

2023 courses—register for one, two three or all four!

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