Portrait of Rev. Dr. Vance Ross

Rev. Dr. Vance Ross

Co-Mentor: Rooted: Anchored for Catalyzing Change

Rooted: Anchored for Catalyzing Change

This Focus Group will assist pastors and ministry leaders as they seek to impact their ministry context for the holistic redemption of communities, households and individuals.

This Focus Group will function out of the understanding that social impact for love and justice is both the call and gift of the church. The Good News, evangelism, operates so that people and communities “have life in abundance.”

Rooted in the Holy Ghost and centered on Christ, ministries encounter society to bring transformation where problems beset and oppress: housing and households, economics, health care, law enforcement/corrections, politics, media, religious institutions, etc.

Our foci:

  • Developing and repurposing resources (property, buildings, finances);
  • Use of preaching, teaching, spiritual disciplines and ministry settings for living out mission/vision/purpose;
  • Foundational theological and spiritual resources and practices for this work;
  • Projects will address church, civic and domestic change/innovation in their contexts.

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Education & Professional

  • D.Min., United Theological Seminary (2015)
  • M.Div., Interdenominational Theological Center (1985)
  • Senior Pastor, Historic Central United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA (2015-Present)


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