Portrait of Dr. Sheila Johnson Hunt

Dr. Sheila Johnson Hunt

Mentor: A Generational Approach for Today’s Urban Ministry in the Next Normal

A Generational Approach for Today’s Urban Ministry in the Next Normal

Urban Ministry in the 21st Century is an intergenerational and digital endeavor. This group aims to provide a theological and practical understanding of intergenerational, innovative, next normal urban ministry. Understanding, connecting, and leading hybrid multi-generational faith communities is difficult. The examination of the historical development of urban faith communities coupled with the role of collaboration and scenario planning, will springboard members of this Focus Group to “Next Normal Ministry.” The contextual analysis of internal and external ministry environments and the role of current communication technology will result in valuing and developing current and future ministry contexts. The identification of collaborators, challenges, benefits, and next normal paradigm shifts for effective ministry within the walls of the church, community, educational and non-profit entities will empower, equip, and personally enhance knowledge and experience gained through this group. Resulting in creating and refining “Next Normal” urban ministry paradigms within churches, parachurch, non-profits, educational and other community-based context.

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Education & Professional

  • D.Min. Urban Ministry, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (2010)
  • Ph.D. Higher Education, University of Pittsburgh (1983)
  • MA Counseling, Western Kentucky University (1978)
  • BME, Western Kentucky University (1977)
  • Executive Pastor, First Baptist Penn Hills – Pittsburgh, PA (2014 – Present)

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