Clinical Pastoral Education

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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a long-standing partner in theological education. Working in a hospital or other institutional setting, students gain 400 hours of intensive experience in chaplaincy and supervised theological reflection on the practice of ministry.
CPE is recommended for students in the degree programs in Care Giving Ministries, and may be required by some denominations for ordination. Students may choose to register for five (5) hours of course credit for the basic unit of CPE that is taken while enrolled at United.

Please note that CPE is offered at a wide variety of centers across the country and with schedules that will fit diverse needs, but it is not available online. Accredited training programs in CPE are available throughout North America and in most regions in which students reside.

Students should determine CPE training program accreditation requirements of their denomination before applying to a particular CPE program. CPE is not available online.

Apply for CPE


How to Obtain Credit for Taking a CPE


Step 1

Select a certified ACPE (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education) site. The ACPE website has a list of certified training sites by states. Other sites not listed with this accrediting body are not eligible for PC705 credit. United’s CPE Coordinator has a list of local sites.

Step 2

Apply directly to the ACPE sites. The ACPE website has application forms you can access. Your training site may also provide you with an application.

ACPE training sites may require you to pay an application fee and a tuition fee to train with them. You are responsible for paying for any application fees. The seminary will pay up to $600 of your training site tuition fee (only) after we have written evidence of acceptance into your CPE training. More on this below.

Also note that some training sites offer stipends to train with them. Each training site is different in what it can offer, so be informed of the financial costs (or benefits!).

Step 3

Once you are accepted to an ACPE site, you can sign up to receive seminary credit for your training and request payment for the training program fee.

Course Registration Directions
1. Add the course (PC705) through the Student Portal.
2. Email a copy of your CPE acceptance letter to the CPE Coordinator.

Requesting Payment of Training Fees Directions
1. Print the CPE Application and Financial Reimbursement Form from United’s web page.
2. Work with your supervisor to complete all necessary portions of the form.
3. Submit the form to United’s CPE Coordinator no later than 30 days after start of the CPE.
4. United will pay the CPE site directly.
5. Failure to complete the CPE requires the student to reimburse the payment to United.

Step 4

At the end of your CPE training experience and in order to receive PC705 credit, the Pastoral Care Department needs to receive an evaluation by your CPE supervisor on your training progress. Email United’s CPE Coordinator requesting that the CPE Supervisor Evaluation link be sent to your supervisor.

Include in the email: (1) Your Name, (2) Your Supervisor’s Name, (3) Your Supervisor’s Email Address.

Once we receive the online evaluation affirming you passed your training, your grade will be updated to ‘P’ – Passing.

That’s it! Complete these steps and you will receive seminary credit for your CPE.

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