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As individuals navigate their career paths, discernment is of utmost importance. For those with a seminary degree, this discernment is guided not only by personal talents and interests but also by a deep connection to their faith and the acknowledgment of God’s call. In the intersection of knowledge and faith lies the foundation for meaningful careers, and United Theological Seminary stands as a beacon of preparation for Christian leaders. With a rich history and unwavering commitment to producing dedicated and equipped individuals, United Theological Seminary provides the necessary foundation to embrace God’s call in the world.


The Power of Education and Training

Theological education plays a pivotal role in preparing individuals for meaningful careers. The accreditation and academic training provided by United Theological Seminary establishes a solid academic foundation rooted in faith. This combination equips graduates with the necessary tools to make a profound impact in their chosen fields.


Diverse Career Paths

With a seminary degree, individuals open themselves up to a wide range of career opportunities in service to God and humanity. These paths are as varied as the individuals themselves, each distinct but united in their pursuit of divine calling.


Deacon/Lay Leadership

Deacons and lay leaders cast a significant impact on the fabric of our religious communities. They stand as exemplars, bridging gaps, and fostering the growth of faith both within and outside the church confines. Their journey is marked by dedication, continual learning, and a deep-rooted commitment to serving God’s people, manifesting their faith in action.

Becoming a deacon or lay leader often necessitates a comprehensive understanding of theology and practical aspects of faith leadership. Depending on your denomination, you might seek to acquire a Master of Divinity, Master of Ministry, or a Masters in Christian Ministry degree.


Pastoral Ministry

The unique role that pastors play in the community is something that cannot be underestimated. They serve as spiritual leaders and guides, providing comfort, guidance and support to individuals and families in times of both joy and sorrow. Through their preaching and teaching, pastors instill hope, instill faith, and build bridges between the church and the wider community. 

To be a pastor, one will need a Master of Divinity degree.  Depending on your denomination, a Master of Master of Ministry could also be required.  Visit our Degree pages to find which degree is right for you.



The work of chaplains is critical in providing spiritual guidance and care, particularly in challenging environments like hospitals, military installations, and prisons. They bring a sense of hope and peace to those in need, and their role is particularly significant in supporting individuals and families during times of crisis. 

To become a chaplain, one can pursue a Master of Divinity degree.  Learn more about United’s online degree programs.


Christian Education

Those who embark on a career path in Christian education have the privilege of shaping the faith formation of future generations. As educators, they have the opportunity to help foster a deep love and understanding of God, drawing upon the rich traditions and teachings of the church. 

To become a Christian educator, one can pursue a Master of Arts in Christian Education or a Master of Divinity Degree.  Visit United’s Master of Arts program page to learn more.


Nonprofit Leadership

For those who wish to make a tangible and positive difference in the world through social justice work, a career in nonprofit leadership may be a fulfilling path to consider. Equipped with both theological understanding and leadership skills, graduates with a seminary degree can lead organizations dedicated to alleviating poverty, promoting equality, and advocating for the marginalized. 

To enter into nonprofit leadership, there are many degrees an individual can pursue. You can pursue a degree in Master of Arts in Social Justice, a Master of Public Administration, a Master of Divinity degree, a Master of Ministry degree, or Masters in Christian Ministry degree.


Counseling and Therapy

With their deep understanding of theology and counseling, seminary-trained therapists and counselors can offer unique insights into navigating life’s challenges. Whether working in clinical settings or within a faith community, these professionals can help people grow in faith and understanding. 

To become a therapist or counselor, one can pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling or a Master of Divinity degree.


Discerning Your Calling

Discernment is a crucial process for individuals seeking to align their career paths with God’s calling. Intentional reflection, prayer, and guidance are essential. Seeking support through mentors, spiritual directors, and meaningful conversations with others who have gone before can provide invaluable insights and wisdom.

To assist in this process, United Theological Seminary offers various resources for career exploration and networking opportunities. These tools, combined with personal reflection, can help individuals uncover their unique and profound calling.

Sharing inspiring stories of graduates who have found success in their chosen careers offers hope and guidance to those embarking on their own journeys. These stories serve as a testament to the diverse ways in which God works through dedicated individuals with seminary degrees.

It is essential to highlight United Theological Seminary’s ongoing commitment to innovation in theological education. By combining the traditions of the United Brethren, Evangelical United Brethren, and United Methodist churches, United cultivates an environment that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and unity in faith. This commitment prepares graduates to navigate the complex challenges of a rapidly changing world with both wisdom and compassion.



In considering a career path, the weight of discernment cannot be underestimated. With a seminary degree from United Theological Seminary, individuals not only embrace God’s call but also equip themselves to make a positive and lasting impact in the world.

The intersection of knowledge and faith forms a strong foundation from which graduates can draw as they embark on their journeys. United Theological Seminary welcomes all who seek a supportive community during their theological education and career exploration. In so doing, graduates join the transformative work of the Holy Spirit, becoming equipped leaders who bring God’s renewal to the Church and the world at large.

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