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United Theological Seminary introduces 72-hour Master of Divinity degree with FlexChoice Scheduling, enabling students to study at their own pace

With FlexChoice scheduling, students can earn a Master of Divinity in as few as two years.

DAYTON, OHIO, March 29, 2022 — United Theological Seminary is pleased to announce its 72-hour Master of Divinity (MDiv), with FlexChoice scheduling, which enables master’s students to earn a degree at the pace that best fits their individual needs.

In Fall 2022, United is launching FlexChoice scheduling for all its master’s programs with year-round course offerings in Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

“At United, we want to provide the best education possible to prepare faithful and fruitful Christian leaders,” says Dr. David Watson, Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “We recognize that most of our students are working pastors, often balancing family life with ministry or bi-vocational careers. Our 72-hour MDiv provides the same high-quality theological and practical training for ministry that our 78-hour degree was known for. The 72-hour MDiv is designed to be efficient and cost-effective for students, while still addressing the needs of today’s churches and pastors.”

Master’s students may choose from three FlexChoice plans:

  • FlexChoice Accelerated enables students to move quickly through their seminary program by taking advantage of United’s year-round schedule to earn a Master of Divinity degree in as few as two years.
  • FlexChoice Traditional is for students taking 6-9 credit hours per term. Students who prefer to earn a degree at a more conventional pace may prefer this pathway, with the Master of Divinity typically taking three years to complete.
  • FlexChoice Balanced allows students to take a reduced course load for optimal work/life balance. This option is ideal for working pastors or professionals, with a Master of Divinity typically earned in four years or more.

According to Rev. Chad Clark, Director of Student Success at United, “The FlexChoice plans are designed to support the diverse sets of students United serves. The accelerated plan supports those looking for a fully immersive learning and formational experience, while the traditional and balanced plans can deliver those experiences alongside various working demands. These plans give students options to give them the right path to success.”

While the 72-hour MDiv and FlexChoice scheduling are new at United, the Seminary is building on a longstanding commitment to make high-quality education accessible to anyone answering God’s call to ministry. A pioneer in online theological education, United continues to expand its offerings for online, on-campus and hybrid learning. Regardless of the pathway a student chooses, he or she will be connected to a multi-ethnic, interdenominational community and encounter the Triune God through study and worship.

United is now accepting applications for the Fall 2022 term. Learn more and apply at united.edu.

United Theological Seminary is a graduate professional school of The United Methodist Church. For the past 150 years, it has prepared men and women to become faithful and fruitful Christian leaders who make disciples of Jesus Christ. On-campus and online learning options provide access to master’s and doctoral theological degrees or continuing education.

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