Hispanic Christian Academy

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Coordinator: Erin Gildner
Contact: ergildner@united.edu | 937.529.2382

Spring A 2016

Course Dates: January 18 – March 20, 2016

Break Week: February 15-21, 2016

Registration Deadline: January 17, 2016

Theology 202: Early and Medieval Church-SP Amarilis Leyva Northwest Texas Conference
North Georgia Conference
Church & Mission 303: Congregational Discipleship-SP Jorge Ochoa Northwest Texas Conference
Kentucky Conference
Ministry 104: Leadership & Administration-SP Daniel Pupo Northwest Texas Conference
North Georgia Conference
East Ohio Conference
Kentucky Conference
West Michigan Conference

Spring B 2016

Course Dates: April 4 – June 5, 2016

Break Week: May 2–8, 2016

Registration Deadline: April 3, 2016

Bible 201: Old Testament-SP Daniel Pupo Northwest Texas Conference
North Georgia Conference
Theology 102: Introduction to Christian Theology-SP Amarilis Leyva Northwest Texas Conference
Theology 302: From the Reformation to the Contemporary Church-SP Juan Quintanilla Northwest Texas Conference
Kentucky Conference
Church & Mission 103: Basic Principles of Church Life-SP Cesar Duran Northwest Georgia Conference
Kentucky Conference
East Ohio Conference
West Michigan Conference

HCA in the Northwest Texas Annual Conference

Our mission

The Hispanic Christian Academy (HCA), part of United Theological Seminary’s Center for Hispanic/Latino Ministries, is designed to impact the local church by equipping and training Hispanic leaders to serve as lay pastors and leaders. It is a three-year Course of Ministry program taught online in Spanish and English. The basic curriculum includes: Bible, Theology, Church and Mission and Ministry.

The Hispanic Christian Academy intends to:

  • Educate church leaders in foundational knowledge and practical training for ministry
  • Equip and train leaders in Scriptural preaching, teaching, ministry and pastoral care
  • Encourage personal spiritual growth of leaders to mature in Christ
  • Train leaders to equip and train others for serving in ministry
  • Encourage leaders to high standards of integrity

Our history

In February 2013 United Theological Seminary signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Global Empowerment Ministries (GEM) to launch the first Regional Online Campus (ROC) of the Hispanic Christian Academy. The HCA had been housed under GEM, with the support of the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. In the spring of that year 17 students from Kentucky took two HCA courses online.

In April 2013 the Northwest Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church signed an MOU with United, expanding the ministry to more Hispanic lay persons, equipping them for ministry. That fall 16 more students completed their first HCA course.

The North Georgia United Methodist Conference joined the HCA with the signing of their MOU in November 2014.

In July 2015, the West Michigan Conference became the newest regional partner of the HCA. Their first group of students began courses in August 2015.

NOTE: United seeks to partner with already established church agencies to bring the HCA to their area, forming an ROC (Regional Online Campus). Please contact the HCA Coordinator for more information.

United Methodist Conference Contacts

Kentucky UM Conference
Rev. Dr. Iosmar Álvarez — iosmaralvarez@me.com

Northwest Texas UM Conference
Rev. Dr. Jorge Ochoa – ochoa@nwtxconf.org
NWTX Conexiones Vídeo | NWTX Connections Video

North Georgia UM Conference
Rev. Dr. Juan Quintanilla – jquintanilla@ngumc.org

West Michigan and Detroit UM Conferences 
Sonya Luna – sluna@detroitconference.org