O’Brien Library Services


The O’Brien Library and its staff members are dedicated to accommodating and assisting our patrons to the best of our ability, but within certain limits as determined by personnel and resource availability. The following points will help provide some insight into what our library staff members are able — and likewise unable — to do on behalf of patrons:

The O’Brien Library staff CAN:

  • Assist patrons with use of online catalogs and electronic resources
  • Inform patrons of library account status: Number and titles of items currently checked out to account, due dates for items, outstanding late fees, etc. (please contact Circulation Manager with questions pertaining to fines and late fees).
  • Process item renewal requests over the phone
  • Print or e-mail list of outstanding items on patron account
  • Process Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests (for local pickup only)
  • Evaluate and consider patron requests for the acquisition of new library materials
  • Evaluate and consider donation offers
  • Assist patrons, including non-United affiliated patrons, with local history, genealogical, and archive-related research requests (though the fulfillment of such requests are subject to staff availability and time)

The O’Brien Library staff DOES NOT:

  • Conduct independent research on behalf of students
  • Collect and compile relevant research materials – whether in print or electronic format – for students upon request as a general rule (exceptions may apply in limited circumstances at library staff’s discretion)
  • Scan or photocopy significant portions of published works (+33% of total work) especially in so far as such actions may infringe or violate copyright laws
  • Mail library materials directly to students (see Interlibrary Loan policies)
  • Provide editing, proofreading, or other such services on behalf of students
  • As a general rule, facilitate hold requests for items intended for local pickup at a later time (under certain conditions, individual library staff members may make exceptions to this rule but only at said staff member’s discretion; otherwise, circulating materials are available to patrons on a strictly first-come, first-serve basis)
  • Change or reset account password; such inquiries should be directed to the Student Help Desk: [email protected]

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policies:

  • ILL requests are only processed by library staff for items intended for local pickup
  • Borrowed materials are subject to lending institution’s policies and restrictions
  • Item renewals and due date extensions for borrowed materials are subject to discretion of lending institution
  • Borrower is responsible for requesting renewals or extensions for borrowed items from O’Brien Library staff
  • Borrower is responsible for  the safekeeping and care of borrowed materials for duration of loan period
  • Replacement costs may apply for damage caused to borrowed materials during loan period (for example, as a result of marking, highlighting, water damage, or tearing of pages, etc.)
  • Borrower is responsible for returning borrowed items in a timely manner
  • All other ILL requests should be processed through patron’s local library
  • Please be aware of local library’s borrowing policies and fees

Students: please refer to O’Brien Library Overview link on The Hub for further instruction and information on local library research. The O’Brien Library does not mail library materials directly to students.


Mail Return of Borrowed Items

Mail to: O’Brien Library Circulation Desk
4501 Denlinger Road
Dayton, OH 45426


Mailing Instructions

  1. Pack items tightly in a box, making sure they do not slide around.
  2. Please get a tracking number and insure the package.
  3. E-mail Mark Condy, [email protected], the tracking number once you have mailed the package.
  4. Please Do Not overnight packages. Flat-Rate boxes are available at the US Post Office. Materials may also be shipped in a regular box and be sure to request Library or Media Mail postage.

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