United and Sierra Leone

Who We Are

United has a historic relationship with The United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone. Both the seminary and the Sierra Leonean Evangelical United Brethren Church were founded in the nineteenth century by the United Brethren in Christ Church (UBC). The UBC eventually merged with other denominations to form The UMC. Many of the missionaries in Sierra Leone were from Dayton, Ohio, and many were educated for ministry at United.

In 2012 Sierra Leone Bishop Yambasu asked United to raise scholarships for the Master of Divinity degree for several leading ministers of the Sierra Leone United Methodist Church. He also invited President Wendy Deichmann and her team from United to participate in the 133rd session of the Sierra Leone United Methodist Annual Conference in March 2013, in Kenema. Four Sierra Leonean pastors enrolled at United in August 2013.

Scholarship Fund