Student Spotlight: Bridget Weatherspoon

I am currently an Associate Minister at Glory Ministries, a new ministry in Xenia, Ohio, that has been in existence less than one year. Pastor Gloria Wade-Dillon was led by God to start this ministry in December 2008, and within eleven months the church has grown from a three member congregation to approximately 40 members. I am also apart of the Social Justice Ministry at Omega Baptist Church, teaching bible study once a month to women housed at the Montgomery County Jail.

I decided to come to United Theological Seminary because of the location and curriculum. The school is located four minutes from my house making it easily accessible. The curriculum caught my attention because I felt the classes offered would enhance my ministry by challenging my beliefs and increasing my faith.

At United you encounter people from different cultural backgrounds and doctrines. Through my experience at United I have been able to embrace and celebrate the differences and learn from them. The differences are more noticeable during chapel service when you are able to see the different worship styles. I love that I have been exposed to the many different ways that others worship God.

The most important lesson I have learned from my experience at United is a sense of family. The students and faculty are supportive of the ministries, dreams and goals of each individual person. I have never experienced such support and love in my entire life.

If you are considering United Theological Seminary take time to pray and seek God’s guidance and remember that books may cost hundreds of dollars and tuition may cost thousands, but the education you will receive at United is priceless!

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detail from a tapestry of a lamb, flag, and Biblea rainbow colored stained glass medallion from United Theological Seminary