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Statement on UMC General Conference

February 28, 2019

The General Conference of The United Methodist Church has concluded. It was a grueling, painful three days that demonstrated more than ever before the deep divides that inhere within The UMC. Those who attended went away with a sense of pain and loss, as did many others across The UMC. We recognize that this was particularly the case for members of the LGBTQI community. While parts of the Traditional Plan passed, we do not know, as of yet, what will be its practical implications.

While United is one of 13 United Methodist seminaries, we are an ecumenical community, and we will continue to be so. We serve students from around 30 different denominations, and we value our students, faculty and staff from each of these traditions. We recognize that different denominations have different understandings of human sexuality, and even within particular denominations, there are differences of opinion. United will continue to foster an environment in which students, faculty and staff engage one another with respect and Christian love. We will continue to welcome and educate the same broad range of students we always have, and to foster an environment that is welcoming and safe for all.

Please pray for our beloved seminary and for The United Methodist Church in this painful, tumultuous time.

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