Student Spotlight: Afi Dobbins

United Theological Seminary was a good choice for me originally because of the location. My family and I lived in the Dayton area. We moved about a year and a half after my studies began, and though it was no longer convenient in terms of location, it has remained my seminary of choice because of the online programs and the support of the students and staff.

One of my favorite experiences at united has been traveling with a great group of people for my Intercultural trip to Egypt and Israel. We met Christ on the journey. Our trip was truly faith forming, life changing, and beyond anything I’d expected or hoped.

As a pastor, I work with others; empowering them to explore, strengthen, and sometimes discover their faith. Serving a church is all about building relationships and being open to the move of the Holy Spirit. My relationship with the entire body of believers at United has helped me to do this. Although there are differing opinions and ways of practicing faith, we have built strong relationships. Through shared hope, experience, and strength we have grown together in the Spirit.

The most valuable thing I have learned while here at United is how important community is to success. In my experience, the support and the encouragement of so many people have helped me to grow as a pastor and a person and to be successful as a student!

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detail from a tapestry of a lamb, flag, and Bibledetail from a tapestry of a lamb, flag, and Bible