Student Spotlight: Elaine Stubblefield

I believe that God sent me to United to prepare for pastoral ministry. I chose United because of its scholarship, reputation, and at that time it afforded me the opportunity to matriculate to seminary while maintaining a full time career in education as well as serving in my local congregation. The evening classes and especially the June intensives have provided me with great learning and formation in my walk with Christ. I have enjoyed all of my classes at United and especially benefitted from relationships established in my Ministerial formation and Integration classes. One experience worth noting is when we formed groups and presented in my church renewal class. I had the opportunity to go deep into another culture, experience its story along with sharing its worship style and even food with the class. I have taken away much that I will use as a pastor.

As an educator and Youth Coordinator in my local church, I work very closely with young people of different cultures, languages, and faith backgrounds. What I have learned at United has directly impacted my ministry with youth. I serve to empower young people in Christ, by providing a discipleship, fellowship, and service model which enables them to walk out their faith for this present age. I also work with families; sharing my faith and assisting them with parenting skills and teaching families strategies that will equip them to live productive lives.

Finally, as I reflect on my learning, I realize that academic knowledge without spiritual growth is empty. I have grown in my faith while at United. Moreover, I have tested ideas, wrestled with doctrine, and am coming out with a more developed theology and a deeper commitment to the ministry for which God has called me. Although I see through the glass, darkly, I am more certain of who I am in Christ and what my mission is for such a time as this. I have developed a humble confidence and an assurance of God’s presence and leadership. The race isn’t over. Thank you United for all you have done with me. I am, yet I am becoming… To God be the glory!!

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