Student Spotlight: Dalyn Dunn

Dr. Harold Hudson invited me to consider United, and as I looked into the programs, accreditation and history, I felt it was the right school and the right time.

The class that has made biggest impact on me is Ministry Formation. This was one of my first classes in December of 2010 and was the most inspirational. It helped me connect and bond with many of my classmates, and those friendships will last a lifetime. Dr. Hess, Dr. Walker and Dr. Trekell were absolutely phenomenal. The class exposed me to some new processes that were often uncomfortable and challenging, but in a safe, engaging and encouraging environment. This began a transformation that has strengthened my resolve in school, ministry and in life.

I have always desired to be an instructor of some kind, and have begun to offer ministry classes, particularly in the areas of formation, preaching and ministerial ethics. This has allowed me to apply various principles inside and outside my ministry context. As I have been truly enriched, my desire is to enrich the lives and ministries of any who will listen.

At United, I’ve learned to be more open and accepting of others. Also I realized that through our many unique characteristics, we all embody various attributes of God’s character which invokes a greater appreciation of our individual context. It is in this manner of spiritual diversity that God can be embraced, celebrated and worshipped to the utmost! Amen!

I am so glad I chose United! I am a better person, preacher and pastor because of this school. My future is clearer and brighter than it has ever been. I am bolder and more empowered. All I can say is thank you. My life will never be the same!

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