Portrait of Rev. Dr. Larry Frank

Rev. Dr. Larry Frank

Co-Mentor: Spiritual Leadership for Church Renewal

Spiritual Leadership for Church Renewal

This focus group will assist clergy and leaders of local churches in all their unique expressions in becoming vital and growing spiritual leaders who are capable of leading local churches toward vitality and sustainability. This focus group will equip clergy and other church leaders with tools to be spiritual leaders who grow in self-awareness and self-discipline that leads to living a well-formed life in Christ, develop the art and science of building high-trust teams with the capacity to address adaptive challenges in their ministry and build and lead generative teams who cultivate transformational environments and fruitful disciple-making processes.

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Education & Professional

  • D.Min., United Theological Seminary (2023)
  • M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary (2013)
  • Pastor, Tremont Methodist Church, Tremont, IL (2018 – Present)


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