Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF)

As part of the CARES act, United has been granted Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) to give relief to students who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and the closing of campus in the spring semester.

United has received a second portion of HEERF grants that have been designated to be given directly to students who were enrolled in Fall 2020.


Round 2

If the following was true in Fall 2020, you can expect to receive $100 by February 28:

  • Masters student registered for at least 1 credit hour
  • MTS project continuation with 0 credit hours are included
  • Doctoral students registered for a doctoral semester, project continuation, or hold
  • There is no FAFSA requirement
  • International students are eligible

You do not need to do anything to receive these funds. The $100 grant will be posted to your student account, but cannot be applied to a student’s balance. This will generate a refund.

This $100 HEERF Grant for Fall 2020 enrollment is distinct from refunds already sent out in fall 2020 and the HEERF funds already announced for students enrolling in Spring 2021. Below are the list of refunds that you can expect, later in the Spring semester, if you are enrolling in Spring 2021.

  • $50 per Masters credit hour
  • $400 per Doctoral Semester registration
  • $50 per Doctoral Hold registration
  • $200 per Doctoral Project Continuation registration

Round 1

Unfortunately, not all students are eligible to receive funds according to the requirements of the grant. In order to be eligible, a student must have filed a FASFA prior to May 1 and been registered for at least one spring class listed as Dayton or Hybrid (January Intensive does not count), or any Doctoral Semester.

We have made it very easy for you to check your eligibility. Only eligible students have been enrolled in a Canvas course, which can be accessed now on your Dashboard, called “HEERF Application.” If you do not see the course on your main dashboard, you are not eligible according to HEERF requirements.

Summary of Criteria for Equitable Distribution of Funds

United has received a disbursement of $40,355 to be distributed directly to eligible students. We have also formed a committee to determine how the funds may be distributed equitably to all eligible students. We have determined that all eligible students will receive $100 to cover basic costs that may have been incurred due to COVID-19 and the campus closing. Eligible students who were registered for at least one Dayton course will receive an additional $200 to cover loss of access to on-campus meals. You do not need to do anything to receive these funds if you are eligible.

The remaining funds will be distributed based on all submitted HEERF applications that demonstrate financial impact during the spring semester due to COVID. Students who have experienced job loss due to COVID-19 will be prioritized. Your application will ask for two things: 1) submit an application explaining financial hardship due to COVID-19 and 2) evidence that proves financial hardship (proof of job loss, loss of travel costs, receipts proving increased technology costs for participating online, childcare, etc.). Detailed instructions can be found in the canvas course.

You must submit an application for the committee to determine whether you are eligible for additional grant money and how much in additional funds you may receive. It is also your responsibility to determine what evidence supports your claim of financial impact, but understand that the committee will handle your application and evidence with the greatest care.

Example: An eligible student who took Dayton classes in the spring term will receive $300 without having to do anything. If this student also submits a HEERF application proving negative financial impact due to COVID-19 and includes definitive evidence, this student will be considered for additional aid appropriate to the request and in consideration to all other submitted applications and limited grant funding. 

162 students are eligible for the HEERF grant and all 162 received grants.  The entire $40,355 was distributed to students by June 30.

Application Deadline is June 7.

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