Dr. Sandra Coley


Church and Community Ministries: Relationships for Improving Citizens’ Quality of Life

— Beginning in 2021
This focus group develops pastors, preachers, and church leaders for ministries that address social issues, like access to healthcare, affordable housing, and civic and educational issues within the church and community in order to enhance and transform the lives of those they serve. Through the use of scriptures and biblical interpretation, participants will use their knowledge to create ministries that are best suited for the community’s needs and align with attainable outcomes.

This group is for preachers, pastors and church leaders who desire to provide a better quality of life for the citizens they serve, as they minister biblical truths to help them maintain their new lifestyles.

Graduates of the Church and Community Ministries program will:

  • Learn to evaluate their own personal and spiritual growth to ensure successful development of the ministry
  • Incorporate biblical and theological research to ensure Christian principles are applicable in the ministry’s purpose
  • Learn about the business aspect associated with ministry
  • Be informed of the importance of ongoing training and research to remain abreast of the current and future trends of the community

Dr. Sandra Coley is the Christian Education Director at Goldsboro Chapel FWB Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina and Adjunct Professor at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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