Dr. Mark DeYmaz


Disruptive Church Leadership

— Launching January 2021

An increasingly diverse and cynical society is no longer finding credible a message of God’s love for all people as proclaimed from otherwise systemically segregated pulpits and pews. More than that, the pursuit of earthly justice is viewed by many church leaders as peripheral, not intrinsic, to the Gospel. Declining attendance, tithes and offerings, too, today threaten the very sustainability of a high percentage of local churches throughout the United States. The time to pivot is now.

Students earning this degree will:

  • Be equipped in the why, how, and what of planning, growing, and sustaining healthy multiethnic and economically diverse, socially just, and financially sustainable churches;
  • Be assessed and receive three levels of certification in CQ via the Cultural Intelligence Center (Grand Rapids, MI);
  • Be introduced to relevant works and competent practitioners throughout the country.
  • Be empowered to help other pastors pursue disruptive innovation in their own congregations via coaching and/or consulting.

Dr. DeYmaz is the Founder and Directional Leader of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas in Little Rock, AR.

Contact: mark@mosaix.info

Learn more about the Disruptive Church Leadership focus group: united.edu/disruptive-church-leadership.

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