Dr. Sheila L. Johnson


A Generational Approach for Today’s Urban Ministry in the Next Normal

Urban ministry in the 21st Century is an intergenerational and a digital endeavor. This Focus Group is designed for current and emerging senior leaders within the context of a local worshipping community. It focuses on understanding, connecting and leading a hybrid multi-generational congregations composed of several different generations i.e., those in the Greatest Generation (1910 – 1924), Silent Generation (1925 – 1945), Baby Boom Generation (1946 – 1964), Generation X/Baby Bust (1965 – 1979) the Millennial Generations (1980 – 1994) and Generation Z (1995 – 2012). The Focus Group examines practical and biblical bases of urban ministry and how to lead in the midst of complex societal and cultural change. It also identifies elements and provides methods of online congregational engagement. Students in this Focus Group will replicate a model of ministry that takes into consideration the core elements of the next normal.

Dr. Sheila L. Johnson is the executive pastor of First Baptist Church of Penn Hills, located in Pittsburgh, PA. She is also the first female president of the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Pittsburgh and Vicinity in its almost 100-year history.

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