Dr. Seok Jae Jeon


Missional Church and Education for Korean Ministries

The purpose of this focus group is to restore the essence and renewal of the church and to establish a healthy church for ministers. This group seeks to discover what the church is biblically and theologically. It also seeks to establish biblical ecclesiology, learn the concept and meaning of the missional church, and apply it to the field of ministry. In addition, we will try to transform the church’s structure, the members’ perception, and the system to change the traditional paradigm church into a missionary church. The important goal of this focus group is to restore the missionary essence of the church and to train and educate Christians to live as witnesses in the world.

Learning Objective:
1. To understand being and the concept of church from the foundation of Biblical perspective.
2. To build up missional churches in the various ministry l fields for Pastors, Ministers, and missionaries.
3. To transform from traditional church to missional church in the Korean context and cross-cultural context
4. To educate congregation members and Christian leaders to equip to Missional Churches

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