Dr. Phillip Pointer


Engaging and Growing Congregations through Creative Pastoral Preaching and Leadership Models

The challenges and opportunities for progressive and innovative ministry in the 21st century is numerous; therefore, methodologies must be relevant, creative and impactful if congregations are going to grow. The objective of this focus group is to develop highly effective, engaging and creative thought leaders who serve the church in the capacity of pastor/leader by exploring various preaching and ministry leadership models which can effectively be implemented and utilized to transform congregational growth and pastoral leadership development. Participants will interact in peer group discussions, and research/analysis of biblical, innovative and emerging models of creative pastoral leadership models, including preaching/teaching styles and leadership strategies, which have produced positive congregational and leadership growth. Tools of study will include: lectures, readings, interviews and on-site visitations with pastors/leaders who have successfully integrated engaging and creative ministry practices in their own respective contexts. Upon completion of this cohort, each participant will be informed and equipped with the necessary information to develop their own unique ministry plan for their specific focus and ministry context.

Dr. Pointer is Senior Pastor of Saint Mark Baptist Church (Little Rock, AR).
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